Muindyr as a School

Principal: Shadowron Icy Eyes. He’s the guy we call in to get order back in the court! And to praise staff and students for doing well. He inspires everyone to do their best. Even the Balrogs, whose best that day may be not burning everything again.

Teachers (can handle multiple students): Commander Riley and Beowulf. Commander Riley is better at teaching older kids; Beowulf is better at teaching younger kids.

Tutors (can handle one student at a time, or two if it’s Toshiro and Tadashi): Kenken and Norawarth.

Balrogs (mischief-makers): Lucky, Lockdown, and Pixxy Fire Fist.

Maiar (honest to a fault): Wolfgang, Chu, and Solnishko.

Wizards (can go either way. Sometimes it’s not the child, it’s the class they’re in): Toshiro, Tadashi, Piko, and Shadow of Chaos.

Sempai (older students): Shadow of Chaos, Wolfgang, Piko, Lucky, Lockdown, Pixxy Fire Fist, and Solnishko.

Kouhai (younger students): Toshiro, Tadashi, and Chu.


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