propaganda princess

they reveled in stitching her back together again. over and over again. so that she’d shatter and scream her song of anguish as they tore her apart as if they’d captured her yesterday.

so much more fulfilling than life as a prince.

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Queer Catboy Pirates

Ahoy, wordpress! ‘Tis I, Captain Ace of the Queer Catboy Pirates!

Sailing with me is me trusty crew: Vincent, Ro-Ro, Van Blossom, Ian, and Rick.

We heeded HFE’s call to assemble last year during art fight, we’ve also sailed over to toyhouse, and now we’ve sailed on here to For treasure! love! and catnip!

We arrived in time for International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia, too!

Remember! Whether you’re sailing the high seas or lubbing on land, pirates fly their flags with pride! 🏴‍☠🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈!!!

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Arospec Art Show

This year, February 21-27 was Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week: a whole week to celebrate arospecs! So all month long, every Friday, I made art inspired by an arospec orientation. And during the week itself, I released a piece daily. Lastly, I made a digital quilt that compiles all of this year’s arospec art together, which I released on the 28th.

February, especially Valentine’s Day, brings a lot of pressure to conform to alloromantic norms, so it’s important to be extra supportive of arospecs at this time. We’re even erased by the wider queer community too, so please do your best to be a great ally for us. And one way you can do that is by learning different arospec experiences, and from different arospec people.

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