Pokémon Care

Alright, stupidly magical child, how do we take care of your stupidly magical animal friends?

They can all eat apples.


Yes. I know. It doesn’t make any sense! Nothing makes sense!

And Chu, as a Pokémon from the Pokémon world without people in it, only has to worry about hunger once he’s left settlements / towns / cities, etc.

Pokémon from the Pokémon world with people in it don’t have to worry about hunger at all. That would be Piko and Pixxy Fire Fist. Treat Shadowron Icy Eyes and Shadow of Chaos as such too.

Commander Riley, Lucky, Lockdown, Kenken, Toshiro, Tadashi, Beowulf, Wolfgang, Solnishko, and Norawarth have hunger and sleep needs as typical for regular people unless they’re in their Pokémon forms.

Toshiro and Tadashi need twice as much food. There’s two of ’em in there.

Beowulf and Wolfgang will need at least twice, if not thrice as much food―to feed the giant animals inside. And Solnishko definitely eats thrice as much, to fuel his lightning.

Beowulf, Wolfgang, Shadowron Icy Eyes, and Shadow of Chaos are all independent enough to take care of themselves.

If any of them get out of control (Pixxy, Lucky, Lockdown, and Toshiro), just say “[Name!], use Rest right now!” Rest makes them take a catnap. For most Pokémon spells with multi-turn effects, we’ve interpreted a “turn” as lasting one minute. However, we’ve made an exception with Rest. Instead, Rest will keep the user asleep for two hours.

Normally, Pokémon with trainers only listen to their original trainer unless the new trainer has enough gym badges―or if it’s a gift Pokémon. We are forgoing that rule and declaring that whoever is taking care of the Pokémon is the one it will listen to.

Do not put me in charge of anything related to childcare, numbers, or politics. I need to stop worrying about my future and crying about my past and take it one day at a time―in the slowest-paced world ever: Arda, where time spans across thousands of years!


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