A lot of creatives don’t handle criticism well. That’s very understandable. When you put a lot of time and energy and emotion into something, it can be difficult not to take it personally.

I seem to have the opposite problem: praise does nothing for me.

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Fanfiction, Drafts, and Adorable Otters

If you don’t know, I stream writing on twitch.

Pretty much since the first stream, friend and fellow twitch streamer Eurymachus asked if I’d consider uploading the stream docs somewhere. My initial answer was no because, “These are drafts. I’ll publish the completed work.”

I really should’ve known from my AO3 days that I don’t finish things quickly, if ever.

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Stop Saying “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism”

By saying “vaccines don’t cause autism”, you are leaving it open to say that “this thing you don’t want for your child, autism, is not a consequence of vaccinating your child”.

It devalues autistic lives.

To people who already prefer dead children over autistic children.

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Juneteenth and Non-Black Queer Fragility

a grumpy blue pony

It is Juneteenth, and as I escape my all white family grumbling about the newly nationalized holiday and “how many laws we’ve passed to help them”, I find that it’s not any better online. Threads that are uplifting Black people and Black creators have already received push back from non-Black people with anti-Blackness on their mind and hate in their hearts.

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