Lessons Learned from Mahal

Mahal made the Middle-Earth Dwarves. And a bunch of junk that doesn’t matter by the Third Age. He also taught Sauron, Sarumon, Mahtan, and that loveless loser Faenor.

Mahtan’s wife doesn’t have a name either by the way. Let’s name her Ruscundil (Quenya, gender-neutral, lover of foxes). The fox she loves most is him, even if he is faking it. But hey, you know what the Humans say! Fake it ’til ya make it; and when you get bored, shake it up.

Mahtan was such a great student to Mahal that one is his names is Aulendur (“Servant of Aulë”. That’s what the Elves call him). Here’s what I learned from Mahal.

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why trans people are frustrated at HP fan creators

part of the reason why people are frustrated at HP fan creators right now is:

  1. go block and unfollow JK Rowling.
  2. Rowling’s been violently vocal about her transphobia and other bigotries for ages now, yet you are still vocally positive about an IP that is currently benefiting her.
  3. we absolutely have bigger fish to fry in the war for trans rights, but frying those fish requires doing a lot of things that take time, money, etc. we’re not asking you to *do* anything this time around, yet you still won’t not do it.
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