Hale Fannar Ethan

fae/faer. he/him. they/them (singular).

You might see instances of “we” and other plural first-person pronouns when “I” ought to be used instead. I just like using plural first-person pronouns sometimes. It’s fun! And to be honest, it also feels safer that way.

A smirking guy with a hat, headphones and sunglasses. A fox sits on the guy's hat. The image has a pink, white, black, and blue color palette.

I’m a 24yo trans masc writing elf! I write queer autistic fantasy—with a focus on vincian, autistic, and nonbinary characters. I also write discourse and opinion pieces, mostly on queer topics. I occasionally produce Queersletter: a newsletter full of queer art and affirmation.

Comments and likes are treasured. I love hearing what other people have to say! I also appreciate you sharing links to my work on social media so that I can grow my audience.

If you’d like to send me money, you can set up a recurring donation on Patreon, and a one-time tip on Ko-Fi. You can also subscribe to me on Twitch for some emotes you can spam all over there. You can watch my stream vods on Youtube. My main haunt is Twitter, but you can find even more links that are relevant to me through my Carrd.

You might notice that I have a few friends linked at the top of the site. These are friends who are really good writers, and who are also queer themselves, including queer in ways that I’m not. “Queer” is a very, very broad term—intentionally so! That’s why it’s important to learn from as many different queer people as possible, because our experiences in life can be vastly different. If you like my work, check them out as well.

The friend I would like to highlight here is Hachiko. Hachiko got me into streaming in the first place, and got me actually working on this site. With Hachiko’s help, this site went from abandoned in my emails to something people can look at within a week. Hachiko is a professional social media analyst, as well as an experienced trans and intersex rights advocate. Definitely check out his site if you’re interested in those topics. If you like anything on here at all, you can tip him on ko-fi.