Hale Fannar Ethan

fae/faer. he/him. they/them (singular).

masculine and neutral language.

Hi! I’m Hale. I’m a 25-year-old ringleader, a Fairy Ringleader. I’m also a writer, artist, poet, champion in 9 Pokémon regions, and backer of 80 kickstarters.

We play a lot of games in the Faewilds, especially Pokémon. Although right now, we’re playing and planting Ooblets. I’m also trying to introduce my Fairies to non-videogames such as Wisp, Tezca Sentai, and Mysterium.

I read a lot, but only half as much as I would like and the rest only half as much as they deserve. I spent the vast majority of my childhood with Tolkien’s Holy Quadrilogy as the only remotely interesting books available to me. I’m trying to bring myself to reread them again with adult eyes, plus the Simarilion and (if I’m not exhausted by Tolkien’s Treebeard-esque droning by then) the Unfinished Tales and perhaps Beren and Lithuan.

But for now, I’m plowing through Sue Lynn Tan’s Daughter of the Moon Goddess and Anna Cheung’s Where Decay Sleeps. Be sure to catch my highlights for Robert Nye’s Beowulf: A New Telling, Madeline Miller’s Circe, Nnedi Okorafor’s Remote Control, and The Pocket Pema Chödron edited by Eden Steinberg.

How to use my neopronouns.

  • nominative (fae, rhymes with “day”): fae likes to write.
  • accusative (faer, said like “fair”): lots of people like faer.
  • pronominal possessive (faer, said like “fair”): this is faer book.
  • predictive possessive (faers, said like “fairs”): this book is faers.
  • reflexive (faerself, rhymes with “bear self”): Hale’s working on believing in faerself.

How to use singular they/them pronouns.

  • nominative (they): they like to write.
  • accusative (them): lots of people like them.
  • pronominal possessive (their): this is their book.
  • predictive possessive (theirs): this book is theirs.
  • reflexive (themself): Hale’s working on believing in themself.

I also like using plural first-person pronouns (we/us) sometimes. It’s fun!

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meowscarada standing, looking at the viewer, with its arms out wide and shrugging. swirling background. salamander by meowscarada's legs. raven on meowscarada's left arm (viewer's right). bat hanging from top left of the image.

You might notice that I have a few friends linked at the top of the site. These are friends who are really good writers, and who are also queer, including queer in ways that I’m not.

“Queer” is a very, very broad term—intentionally so! That’s why it’s important to learn from as many different queer people as possible, because our experiences in life can be vastly different. If you like my work, check them out as well.

The friend I would like to highlight most is Ben Valin aka Hachiko (he/they/Spivak 1975). Hachiko got me into streaming in the first place, and got me actually working on this site. With Hachiko’s help, this site went from abandoned in my emails to something people can look at within a week.

Hachiko is a professional social media analyst, as well as an experienced trans and intersex rights advocate. Definitely check out his site if you’re interested in those topics. If you like anything on here at all, you can tip them on ko-fi.

Last updated Feb 26, 2023.