HFE’s Gratitude Journal: River Diner Edition

4theWords is an online game where you fight baddies by writing words! I use it to motivate myself to write. You can trick out your character with tons of cosmetics and raise yourself some dragons buddies too. If you’ve got four bucks (USD) a month to spare, you should try it out with my referral code: SMWGE07249.

Every so often, the dev team lets everybody do a quest style called the Gratitude Journal. In it, you write at least 444 words for 44 days straight, and add 4 posts to that quest’s Gratitude Journal forum thread*. There’s even a chance to get some free crystals: the in-game premium currency that can be used for subscription time and other cosmetics.

*You can make any kind of forum post, but in order to be entered into the crystal pool, you have to do them all in that quest’s specific thread, and do it in a (rather generous) amount of time. I think you’ve got a month to do it from the first chance you can pick up the quest. And those posts can be as short as a sentence or a whole list of stuff like I did.

I ended up writing quite a bit for this quest’s gratitude journal, so I figured I’d share it with y’all here!

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9 Roleplaying Games that aren’t D&D

With so many Controversies of the Coast coming to light, I figured I’d make a list of D&D alternatives.

These are listed in no particular order. I still haven’t played any of these because I have no life and some of these haven’t even printed yet, but I am excited to have a life someday, as well as all these games in my library.

Backed on Kickstarter disclosure~!

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Lessons Learned from Mahal

Mahal made the Middle-Earth Dwarves. And a bunch of junk that doesn’t matter by the Third Age. He also taught Sauron, Sarumon, Mahtan, and that loveless loser Faenor.

Mahtan’s wife doesn’t have a name either by the way. Let’s name her Ruscundil (Quenya, gender-neutral, lover of foxes). The fox she loves most is him, even if he is faking it. But hey, you know what the Humans say! Fake it ’til ya make it; and when you get bored, shake it up.

Mahtan was such a great student to Mahal that one is his names is Aulendur (“Servant of Aulë”. That’s what the Elves call him). Here’s what I learned from Mahal.

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