Queer Streamer Shout Outs #2

Come learn about some cool queer streamers!

The original form of this article appeared in Queersletter Issue #4.

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18 Black Queer Streamer Recs

This list focuses on Black queer streamers who have not yet reached partner (at the time of publication). So no cypheroftyr, IamBrandon, MiladyConfeti, blizzb3ar, keekeexbabyy, or CriticalBard; but if this are the first time you’re seeing these names, I encourage you to check them out as well. Black Queer content creators are some of the hardest working people in their professions as well as the least rewarded, so it’s important to give them extra support in return; especially in light of twitch’s heightened months of hate raids.

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Queer Streamer Shout Outs #1

(This post originally appeared several months ago in Queersletter Issue #1. It has been reposted here for archival purposes and to update pronouns.)

Trans Tiltify is still streaming for the Texas branch of the American Red Cross. This pandemic is already straining medical and hospital staff, and these recent blizzards and blackouts have only made it worse.

So if you’re looking for some cool trans, nonbinary, and trans nonbinary (and werewolf and protogen) twitch streamers to check out and a way to help out Texans, you can do both!

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