Review: The Bitten Word edited by Ian Whates

Need a crash course on vampire literature by such diverse writers as European White Person #1 and European White Person #2?

Waste your money on The Bitten Word edited by Ian Whates!

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Reading Where Decay Sleeps Part 2

Read my thoughts on Part 1: Pallor Mortis (Birth).

Warnings for this section: Alcohol (The Thing on the Subway; Zombies@the Arches), Hanging (The Thing on the Subway), Stalking (The Thing on the Subway), Gore (Zombies@the Arches; Monster Tinder), Death (Computer Love); Sex (Computer Love).

Beware of spoilers, all who enter here!

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Reading Where Decay Sleeps Part 1

Many apologies to Anna Cheung, the author who worked very hard on these poems. I’m not a poet and I know it. I’m writing these thoughts as I go so I can process what I’m reading better. Hopefully, others will appreciate them too.

If anybody out there struggles with poetry, you’re not alone. There’s help out there for us. Somewhere. I’ll google it later!

What I’m reading today is the Pallor Mortis (Birth) section of Anna Cheung’s debut anthology of Chinese Gothic horror poetry, Where Decay Sleeps, published by Haunt Publishing. I got this book as part of a kickstarter reward, just so everybody’s clear. While I could write a separate essay based on how the sunk-cost fallacy might combine with this fool and my money are soon parted to form a tornado of “I’m loving this book uncritically, I don’t give a damn!” James Stephanie Sterling has a whole video on the topic you can watch instead. Besides, I’m a hype man, not a salesman.

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Haunted House Setting Generator

Earlier this week, I published a haunted house plot generator, intended to as inspiration for people wanting to create a spooky or spoopy piece.

Today, I’m publishing a series of four questions that focus more on the haunted house itself. On a scale of spoopy to spooky, it leans heavily spooky, for creatives with more horror-inclined imaginations. As with the generator, I’ve included several options from which you may choose; however, you’re welcome to create your own answers as well. I’ve also pre-made some prompts you can peruse at end, if you’d like to see what types of haunted houses you can make with this. Click here to skip to those.

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