Highlighting The Pocket Pema Chödrön: Edited by Eden Steinberg

“Virginity is a mistake and a waste, and a courtesan is of more value to mankind than a nun.”

Antonio Beccadelli.

HFE: Well, here’s Pema Chödrön to officially say “Fuck you, Antonio. Clearly, they didn’t have quality nuns like me back in your day.”

Shadow of Chaos: Isn’t this book already a collection of highlights?

HFE: Yes. But we’re highlighting it anyway! There’s a lot of paragraphs in this book. Internetizens prefer 1-3 sentence soundbites.

Shadow of Chaos, judgy. Shadow no longer wonders why everyone’s as bratty as Faenor: I see.

HFE: I challenged myself to grab a quote from each lesson.

Shadow of Chaos: And how did that go?

HFE: Read on and find out! Instead of page numbers, I listed “chapter” numbers instead.

Shadow of Chaos picks up the list. Daer eyes lock on to the highlights: Noted.

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Reading Where Decay Sleeps Part 4

Backed on Kickstarter disclosure!

Read my thoughts on previous parts of the book.

Warnings for this section:

  • Claudine: Manipulation.
  • Aftermath: Depression, loss of a loved one, mental illness (general).
  • Whispers of Autumn: Loss of a loved one.
  • Lost and Found: Loss of a loved one, medication use, mental illness (general).

Beware of spoilers, all who enter here!

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