People Hate Trans Men, Too

People don’t like when Powerpuff Girls want to become Rowdyruff Boys.

Content warnings, in order: description of real life transphobia targeting trans men, fictional powerful man preying on a younger one, description of real life child abuse and neglect.

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Children and Hospital Trips

Hey, parents, when you’re bringing young children to the hospital, we’d greatly appreciate if you could remind them to not be noisy while they’re there.

Patients are trying to heal, and staff are trying to focus on their jobs. Noisy environments put extra stress on everyone, which makes it harder for them to heal and work.

Most kids aren’t acting out of any sort of malevolence, they’re probably still just learning that the standards of appropriate behavior change in certain situations.

Maybe they’re excited to see a loved one, or there’s a fun toy in the gift shop, or maybe they saw their favorite food in the cafeteria.

And it’s a good thing that they’re excited!

Just remind them to be excited quietly while they’re visiting.

Once your kid’s outside, they can be as loud as they want!