Special abilities.

Run away. lets the user flee from anything. “sometimes all you can do in battle is escape.”

Anticipation. warns the user of the foe’s powerful moves.

Spirit Call. powers up ghost type moves. in a world where there’s a lot of power in a name, allows the user to call back people from the dead.

Battle Meditation. allies fight better, enemies fight worse. increases concentration and willpower, or the reverse.

Standard Equipment.

Swift, normal (doesn’t work on ghost types). ranged, flurry of stars that never miss their target.

Wish, normal. heals the user later.

Shadow Ball, ghost (super effective against ghost types, doesn’t work on normal types). ranged attack with a 20% chance of lowering the target’s magic defense.

Double Team, normal. creates illusory copies of the user, increasing evasion.

Marvelous Moves.

Baddy Bad (dark): an attack that sets up a Reflect, halving damage from physical attacks for the entire team for a little while.

Bouncy Bubble (water): will restore Eevee’s HP by half of the total damage that the target takes.

Buzzy Buzz (electric): always paralyzes the target when it lands, lowering speed + potentially making the foe unable to move at all.

Freezy Frost (ice): an attack that resets all the stat changes of every Pokemon on the field, including teammates and the user.

Glitzy Glow (psychic): an attack that sets up a Light Screen, halving damage from magical attacks for the entire team for a little while.

Sappy Seed (grass): an attack that adds the effects of a Leech Seed to the target it hits. This effect will drain the opponent’s HP by a little each turn and heal the user.

Sizzly Slide (fire): always burns the target, injuring them every following turn and reducing their physical strength by half.

Sparkly Swirl (fairy): super powerful, sparkly tornado that heals your entire party of all non-volatile status conditions, including burns, freeze, paralysis, poison, and sleep.


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