propaganda princess

they reveled in stitching her back together again. over and over again. so that she’d shatter and scream her song of anguish as they tore her apart as if they’d captured her yesterday.

so much more fulfilling than life as a prince.

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Who Do You Love? Who Do You Hate?

parents, tell your kids right now whether or not you’ll support them if they’re trans, nonbinary, or trans nonbinary

don’t leave them wondering if you love them

and if you won’t support them, let them know that too

one in five trans people are homeless. i don’t want your kids to be one of them, but if being homeless is better than living with you, i want that to be their choice, not a fate you inflict upon them

if they learn soon enough, they might be able to learn how to lie and hide like i did

don’t leave them wondering if you hate them

make it loud and clear to your kids who you want and don’t want in this world, in your social circles, in your family

let them know who you love and hate