Fairy Ring

Friends who creep in throughout the site.

  • Red-Banded Wolf (he/fae): a wolf-masked hero with a red bandana.
  • Shadow of Chaos (he/dae/they singular): demon of action.
  • Chu (he/him): an impish scaredy-mouse who saved his world.
  • Pixxy Fire Fist (she/fae): the devil at my back.
  • Iron-Winged Icy Eyes (he/him): the glacier who never melts.
  • Mike Emerald (he/him): a white-haired boy who’s been adventuring without parental supervision since he was eight years old.
  • Thomp (he/him): a quiet champion.
  • Dancer (she/her): a bold champion.
  • Toshiro (he/ore): the fighter of TnT. One of my little brothers.
  • Tadashi (he/boku): the healer of TnT. Another one of my little brothers.
  • Solnishko | Solnishka Blitz (he/her): a speedster who collects shoelaces.
  • Piko (he/him: the first Pikachu.
  • Beowulf (he/him): he’s a bit old to be called a puppy guard, but if the pelt fits… Wolfgang’s weredad.
  • Wolfgang (she/her): a town guardian who’s tired of everybody’s drama. Beowulf’s werepup.
  • Shrouded Chaos (he/fae): a catguy who refuses to learn necromancy because it’s inefficient.
  • Commander Riley (he/him): “That’s Commander Riley to you! Huh. You actually said it right this time.”
  • Lucky (he/him): Lockdown’s batchmate who built and modded the Dragon Gun so that it would do all the gun things.
  • Lockdown (he/him): Lucky’s batchmate who can hack and slice anything. Wait, not like that! Or is it….
  • Kenken (he/him): a sniper who likes reading and staying on the ship. Unfortunately, with generals like these, every time-cycle brings a new rescue mission for the 843rd to complete.

last updated Feb 26, 2023.

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