Let’s Go, Mírieliel!

Summarizing day 1 of Mike Emerald’s Let’s Go, Pikachu quest! Featuring an even faker news team than the Daily Show. Everything about this news team is fake, including the correspondents!

Toshiro: Day 1 of Mike Emerald’s Let’s Go, Pikachu quest has started off strong!

Tadashi: He’s already got the Boulder Badge!

Toshiro: And reached Cerulean City!

Tadashi: So, Solnishko, what Pokémon does he have on his team?

Solnishko: Well!

  1. Mírieliel, partner Pikachu: electric. Currently wearing the in the athletic outfit and matching hat. Looking sporty and stylish! Quirky nature, likes to thrash about. No major benefits or hindrances to any stats. minor boost to physical attack. As the partner Pokémon, she refuses to go inside her Pokéball even when she’s not technically part of the battle party. Met at level 5, currently at level 21.
    1. Zippy Zap (electric, physical).
    2. Double Kick (fighting, physical).
    3. Light Screen: halves special damage not just the user, but all allies, receive.
    4. Quick Attack (normal, physical).
  2. Kementáriel, Oddish: grass / poison. Sassy nature, likes to run. Major boost to special defense, major hindrance to speed―however, also a minor boost to speed. Love having her out in the world, Oddishes run cutely! Met at level 4, currently at level 20.
    1. Razor Leaf (grass, physical).
    2. Growth: boosts the user’s special attack.
    3. Acid (poison, special).
    4. Poison Powder: poisons the target.
  3. Nienniel, Clefable: fairy. Serious nature, likes to thrash about. No major benefits or hindrances to any stats. minor boost to physical attack. It’s amazing how she and Mírieliel got the exact same personality. Just because something’s statistically improbable doesn’t mean it’s impossible―including the Middle-Earth Dwarves surviving despite barely having any womenfolk amongst them at all! Nienniel’s about the size of Mike Emerald. Pokémon have a weird sense of scale. Everything’s weird about Pokémon! Met at level 9, currently at level 12.
    1. Growl: slightly lowers all opponents’ physical attack.
    2. Pound (normal, physical).
    3. Defense Curl: slightly increases the user’s physical defense.
    4. Sing: fails roughly half the time, but when it works, it puts the target to sleep.
  4. Nerdaneliel, Charmander: fire. Timid nature, alert to sounds. Major boost to speed, major hindrance to physical attack, plus another minor boost to speed. If the rest of her family gets to be a bunch of fiery spirits, so does she! And unlike Meluion, this Charizard won’t be afraid to fly! Met at level 14. Hasn’t leveled up yet, she’s our newest friend. Received as a reward for catching 50 Pokémon total―not fifty different species. Most of them were Pikachus. Can you blame me? Pikachus are cute!
    1. Scratch (normal, physical).
    2. Growl.
    3. Smokescreen: lowers the target’s accuracy.
    4. Ember (fire, special): one of the weakest fire-type attacks there is―besides Fire Spin―and even that’s more impressive than what anyone in Middle-Earth can do.

Tadashi: Ooh, why’s Mike using their Quenya names and not their Sindarin names?

Solnishko: There’s almost 8 billion people in the world he’s physically writing this in, never mind in galaxies far, far away. Imagine if Last Week Tonight or the Daily Show had to deal with news not just from this world, but also MCU, Middle-Earth, my multiverse, Pokémon, and Star Wars. That’s a lot of news to deal with! And more importantly, that’s a lot of people―or otherwise―to deal with.

Toshiro: Including the correspondents, who are all orphaned and / or abused and / or animals.

Solnishko: Everybody’s Quenya names are more distinctive! For instance, this is what happens when you look up Ivon. But nobody’s named Yavanna or Kementári! Besides, not everyone’s as much of a Tolkien nerd as he is. No one will know if he doesn’t tell them! He’s a Nerdanel, not just in a family of Fëanors, but a whole world of Fëanors! It’s impressive he’s as studious and respectful of this world as he is.

Tadashi: That’s right, it is!

Toshiro: So, Solnishko, there’s an even more important question on everybody’s minds: what did he name his rival?

Solnishko, grinning: Why don’t we save that for another day?

Toshiro, throwing his notes up in the air: Oh, come on!!!

Toshiro, once he’s calmed down: Join us on Patreon where we gossip about future members of the party!

Tadashi: As well as offer advice for struggling writers such as ours.

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