Pokémon of the Rings: Golden Rescue Team (Draft)

hello, everyone, to another attempt to start pokemon of the rings!

there’ve been some developments since the last stream. thoughts. long story short: the trainer’s gonna be a formerly? human boy named mike emerald who only speaks 4-5 words at a time, like most pokemon game avatars do. mike, just as i have, has championed just about every region except sword & shield. he was amidst his galaran finals when something happened and now he’s here? something like that. basically, this story’s running on Rule of Funny and Rule of Cool + family drama. let’s just say, lord glorfy’s got baaaad memories of the last person in his care running off into the woods. storytelling over! let’s fucking go!

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Stripe (draft)

draft about an all-fusion Pokémon Mystery Dungeon rescue team helping their teammate recover from her father’s transphobia. Also drafts for Uncut Gems and Neon Lights, as well as some poetry.

vod links 1 and 2.

alternative titles:

  • Stripes.
  • Discharge!
  • Wy-Lopmon, Heatmor Hills, 5F.

CN: transphobia (mentioned), misogyny, food (during a scene where people are eating), a pet running away with an uncertain fate.

The completed work will be up tomorrow.

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Perpetual Song (draft)

draft about a magical piano player saving children from the military.

vod links 1, 2, 3.

i’ve been replaying eternal sonata, and i’ve only done one session of it, and that was on wednesday, and i’ve just been screaming at it all week. and i have to decided that i need to write a better narrative that incorporates anti capitalism, ableism, mental illness, physical disability, a magic system based on light and darkness, chopin, and george sand (or at least characters inspired by chopin and george sand).

oh and also at least one character needs to use a cane cuz one of my friends has been getting bullied at work for using one and he’s a badass and cherished. and i want him to see someone like himself being badass and cherished <3.

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The Fairy King and the New Prince (draft)

draft about a fairy king convincing his boyfriend to move in with him.

vod links 1, 2, 3, 4.

This first iteration of the story is a lot more violent than the next renditions of it. It’s not sexually violent per se, but it is very intimately violent, and involves violating someone’s bodily autonomy. Click here to skip to the next version of the project, which does not contain these elements.

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Elves in Space!!! (draft)

draft about a space elf prince’s coming of age.

vod links 1, 2, 3.


so i’ve been ruminating about an elf prince just traveling to other cities in his kingdom. like he learns that it’s something other elven royalty used to do, but then it stopped. but now he wants to do it. and i want to write that. :3

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The Fae Ball (draft)

draft about a nonbinary Cinderella-character aiming to bolster its prospects―and a greeter aiming to keep his own.

vod link.

alright, everybody, we are live! i wish i’d gotten to stream more this month, but my work schedule was extra weird this month due to many things. we’re down a chef, and one of our cafe workers can’t work longer than 4 hours at the moment, so we’re all scrambling to fill in those holes. but i’m happy to be streaming today!

we have a super exciting battle going on right now. 4000 words! our largest word count monster yet! we’ve got 16 hours and change to defeat it, but we will definitely be done before then.

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