Highlighting Robert Nye’s Beowulf: A New Telling Chapter VIII

Quotes from Chapter VIII: Revenge of Robert Nye’s Beowulf: A New Telling. Be sure to catch the rest of the book’s highlights if you haven’t already.

I’ve also got a pexels collection where you can check out all the photos (and more) that I’ve gathered for this chapter’s moodboard.

Page numbers listed herein may not match the page numbers in yours.

photos of an owl amongst the trees, a tree in a grassy field overlooking a windy sky, and a swamp. background is a black and green gradient with a green column in the middle. quote one: A fear that lies in shadows cannot fade. I Am the Night; Miracle of Sound. quote two: Grendel had wanted to take him for his own, to bear him off to where he belonged, to join the baleful company of the fen; but he, Unferth, had held back through fear. Beowulf: A New Telling; Robert Nye. quote three: This is a child at prayer... The Avengers 2012; Joss Whedon.
  • 53: The wind in the grasses, which had whispered at Grendel’s coming, held its breath icily as this new horror slithered on toward hall Heorot. The rats ran away, tails lashing, eyes blind with panic. The owls forgot to ask their Who? Who? Who?

    The creatures of the fen knew who―and they were frightened.
  • 54: She was too much a part of death to ever die. She was neither older nor younger than She had been in the beginning. What She was could never be destroyed.
  • 55: [Unferth] was terribly alone. He did not belong here, in the torchlit hall littered with cups and harps, the debris of celebrations he had taken no part in. He belonged out there in the night, the fatal darkness, the imperishable black. For day, he thought, did not truly kill the dark. It was always there, out there in the fen, living on in the veins of children of Cain.
  • 55: And the tree of evil looked taller and more familiar to Unferth than the slender green tree of good.
  • 56: Grendel had wanted to take him for his own, to bear him off to where he belonged, to join the baleful company of the fen; but he, Unferth, had held back through fear.
  • 58: Tears glistened on [Hrothgar’s] cheeks and in the winter whiteness of his beard. His jutting jaw went slack with sorrow. “Aeschere! My best friend, dearer to me than my own hand. We were boys together. We went to war together. A splendid man―his mind as sharp as his sword. I loved him. He is dead. Only Grendel could have done this.”
  • 60: “I do not know this country,” said Beowulf. “Perhaps you can tell me of other monsters who are known to haunt the fen? Something that moves in a twisty way, like a snake, and leaves a spoor that smells as sweet as mother’s milk?”

    Hrothgar frowned, and confessed himself at his wit’s end.

    “Something sly and noiseless,” prompted Beowulf.
  • 60: [Wealhtheow] had remembered the stories of her childhood, the most loathly and ancient bugaboo her nurse had ever frightened her with. And at the same time she remembered Unferth’s fascinated talking on this subject, here, in the very all where they now stood.

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