thinking about all those videos i watched comparing 30fps to 60fps and not noticing any difference. it might just be a consequence of watching these vids on a tiny netbook screen but i still feel bad cuz framerates is a pretty big deal for videogames.

one excuse why games keep getting pubbed at 30fps or sometimes even 15fps (another diff i can’t tell on a netbook screen) is cuz some game creators want to emulate movies instead of making games.

when movies go at 60fps it looks weird, apparently.


just like when a game moves at 30fps it looks weird. feels weird to play too. i say apparently cuz i’m no hardware person. i just found out today that my 6yo netbook has a micro SD card reader.

another common reason games are pubbed at subpar framerates is cuz every game wants to be a billion p 3D HD whatever blabbity blah graphics.

graphics that are just your bog-standard mainstream triple A “art” “style” we’ve seen ad naseum.

so yeah i feel bad about not noticing anything differences between good-for-games framerates and movie-director-envy framerates. i want to do what i can to appreciate videogames that progress the medium, not regress it or try to turn it into a medium it’s not.

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I couldn’t find the YoungYea I was thinking of in the first paragraph, so I’m linking this video instead since it’s also good. It’s my website, I do what I want! Including inconsistent capitalization!!!

Link to my original twitter thread.


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