Surfing Squeaker 101

The newest Redanian fairy is ready to hang ten!

Category: Liquid & Muscle.

Habitat: swamps, forests.

Nutrition: Omnivore. Crabs, shellfish, worms, carrion, seeds, grains.

Notable Physical Characteristics: Scaled, droplet-shaped tail; flat, elongated head.

digital art. droplet-tailed mice bodyboarding. waves in the background and foreground. biggest mouse wears a beaded necklace. a trio of smaller mice in the middle-right edge of the image. left mouse is happy, center mouse is nervous, right mouse is smug.

Surfing Squeakers used to be called Swimming Squeakers. However, local folklore states that someone left their bodyboard behind one evening. Then these fairies got ahold of it and haven’t stopped charging since.

They’ve certainly made a splash amongst younger ringleaders. Surfing Squeakers are especially adventurous and brave when compared to other mouse fairies. They’ll surf out to rescue swimmers (and non-swimmers) who find themselves in danger. They’ll even act when predators are nearby.

These fairies are only seen without their boards when someone steals it. Such cruel ghouls are said to be cursed to become these fairies in their next life. A Surfing Squeaker’s quiver tends to be customized with claw marks and paint made from berries. Some even lay leaves and flowers on their bodyboard before painting it, producing floral patterns when they’re removed.

Surfing Squeakers hate painting on canvases. However, they have been known to take up graffiti.

Surfing Squeakers teaching groms how to surf is a common theme in Redanian surfing movies, especially ones aimed at children. Another common theme for these types of movies is to have a Surfing Squeaker show up quimbies and wave hogs.

  • traditional art. post-it note and pen. heart-tailed mouse bodyboarding. proud expression. ears have heart-shaped patterns. sun shining behind mouse. captioned "Jewel Thread" in swirly handwriting. beaded necklace set apart from the rest of the image.
  • traditional art. pen and paper. droplet-tailed mouse bodyboarding. waves in the foreground and background. mouse is smiling. wearing a beaded necklace.
  • traditional art. pen and paper. trio of droplet-tailed mice bodyboarding. leftmost mouse has closed eyes and an open-mouthed smile. striped bodyboard. middle mouse has a nervous expression with closed eyes and mouth. splotchy bodyboard. right mouse has a smug expression and a leaf-patterned bodyboard.

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