Watching Sonic Prime

watching Sonic Prime (netflix). the character designs look like the characters! (the fact that there’s not just one, but two relevant jimquisition episodes related to sonic design specifically is both unsurprising and shocking. i feel like it really shouldn’t be that hard to make sonic and company look like themselves…)

also loving the glittering effect of the dreamspace(?) models the prism sent sonic to before sending him to the eggman world.

also great art direction too. the pastels + neons of eggman world differentiate it from the main ‘verse while not looking like trash, as is easy to do when creating dystopias.

“That was a sonic boom of a headache” and “Heck, I’ll even take Knuckles at this point” are my favorite lines so far.

also liking the choice to make Rouge part of the hero crew. interesting~.

if anyone’s wondering, my Sonic Boom thoughts are similar to my Teen Titans Go thoughts. Other than bodybuilder, all-brawn-no-brains Knuckles; it was fine for a show aimed at younger kids (from what I remember). I’m not offended that it exists (again, other than Knuckles looking and acting horrible).

I love how it feels like we’re getting more sonic characters in Prime ep 1 than we got thru the entirety of Sonic Boom!

we even got eggman’s ball and cube robot lackeys!

(they might’ve been boom originals idk. sonic heroes + vague memories of X and SatAm is my totality of sonic lore. however, those ones do fit in amongst the rest of his bots so they’re established in my mind).

i also love the decision to make them heroes who’ve been at it for a while rather than wasting time establishing an origin story.

Batman writers, take notes!!!

the animations are so fluid and fast: perfect for a Sonic show.

everyone’s just so expressive.

Sonic: How’d you get in here?

Rogue: You left the door open.

fave exchange found!

the 8bit/16bit flashbacks are adorable. what a great artistic decision.

making sonic run in a giant hamster ball with spiky balls of death is a cute trap. forcing speedy characters to run is such a deliciously devastating torture.

i also like dsytopia!tails’ metal tails. he’s a cute doc ock!

episode 2 is already giving us A+ Shadow moments. whoo!

that’s all i’ve got on Sonic Prime for now. if you have or pirate netflix, give it a shot! you won’t be disappointed.

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