Pokémon Violet Experiences

Last year, the middle child bought Pokémon Violet and Scarlet for us. I played Violet, he played Scarlet. I enjoyed teaming up with him to complete our Pokédexes (the in-game encyclopedia if you’re one of the five people on Earth who haven’t played a main series Pokémon game). I also had fun blowing my in-game money on the (limited) clothing options, beating and becoming the champion of yet another region, and hatching tons of Pawmi eggs.

One of my team members, Doremi, is a female Pawmot. The rest of my team are males. Since at least one of those males is from the same egg group as Doremi, every picnic ended up with at least two eggs.

I love how you don’t have to drop two friends off at a breeder anymore. However, the egg generation could use some rebalancing imo. It feels like I’ll wait ten minutes with nothing in my pinic basket, and then I’ll get four eggs all at once 🪺.

Another thing I’m not a fan of is how many shards you need to change your mon’s tera type. You need fifty of these things, and I only got five from a five-star tera raid 🫠.

In what probably surprises no one, I picked Sprigatito as my starter. You can’t give me a cat option and expect me to not take it! I love this thing so much that I made an art piece featuring its final evolution, Meowscarada.

One notable mon I caught was Sinistea. Which, since you can’t examine the bottom of a mon anymore like you can in previous entries, there’s no way to tell if you’ve caught a “fake” or a “genuine” 🫖 unless you have one of its evolution items 🙃.

caught a sinistea in #PokemonScarletViolet last night.

then i read its dex entry and thought “no! i don’t want this mon anymore T_T!”

It’s such a creepy entry. i mean, all the ghost type entries are creepy but wow XD!

me on twitter.

Now, unfortunately, as of this writing, I’ve been unable to boot up my game. Nintendo released an update for its DLC that randomly wipes your save file. I’m not risking my mons until I know it’s been fixed.

i am terrified to boot up my #PokemonScarletViolet cuz of the current save file glitches. i hope they fix it soon.

admittedly i’d mostly stopped playing at this point cuz i’d beaten the elite 4, completed the dex, and caught all legends. but i hear there’s new paradox mons now.

i don’t wanna lose athelas or doremi or any of the rest of my future gang T_T!

me on twitter when the horrible news dropped.

I don’t remember the rest of my team’s levels, but I do know that they’re all at least level 90, with Doremi being level 100. Doremi was my first mon to reach that fabled level in this game.

I hope they fix the save file glitch soon. I want to see my future gang again…

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