Categories: Heat & Plasma.

Combat Specialties: Speed & Physical Offense.

Nutrition: Herbivore (grass hay―especially sun dried; and greens such as lettuce. broccoli, and celery).

Treats: Apples, Blueberries, Raspberries, Green & Red Bell Peppers, Squash.

pen and paper sketch. rabbit sitting up. forepaws on hindpaws. fluffy, fiery tail. lightning neck floof. fiery head floof. lightning-marked ears and forehead. open-mouthed smile. lightning eyelashes. semicircle eyes.

These Fairies need lots of exercise. Almost as much as a dog!

Rabbit fairies should be fed mostly grass hay. Greens should be fed at a daily rate of 1 cup per 2 pounds of bunny (a 1:2 ratio). Just don’t feed them iceberg lettuce or onion greens―those are poisonous for them!

Turbobuns don’t always drink as much water as they should. Therefore, it’s important to feed them fresh greens. They contain the moisture they need to fuel their bodies. They may be Heat fairies, but they still need to hydrate! And make sure to clean their water dish / bottle daily. Nobody likes eating or drinking out of dirty dishes…

These fairies are known to chew on electrical chords, so be careful what you leave out and about when you share your home with one.

They need lots of toys to keep them mentally stimulated, especially moving ones like paper towel rolls! Some ringleaders hide treats in their Turbobun’s toys to foster foraging behaviors.

When holding a Turbobun, it’s vital to support their butts. Never pick them up by the ears! That’s cruel. If you’ve never held a rabbit fairy before, practice close to the ground so it won’t hurt itself if it jumps out of your arms.

Turbobuns, like other rabbit fairies, love having places to hide. Try setting up some cozy spaces for them, or be prepared to witness many disappearing Turbobun tricks.

Grooming can be a great bonding activity for you and your Turbobun. Your care will help them get rid of excess fur and avoid matting. Turbobuns, like most rabbit fairies, tend to shed summer and winter coats. Amp up your grooming routine when you notice that your bunny friend has become a cloudy friend.

One more note about grooming: Turbobuns don’t need to be bathed unless there’s a mess on their butt. They wash themselves like cat fairies do. Bathing them just stresses them out.

Turbobuns, like lots of rabbit fairies, become lonely when you’re not around. Be sure to spend time with them every day! Sit with them and stroke their heads and behind their ears.

  • pen and paper sketch. rabbit sitting up. puffball tail. neck floof. fiery fur on head. lightning-like ears. smiling. semicircle eyes.
  • pen & paper sketch. rabbit standing on all feet. forepaws have blue lightning marks. fiery tail, neck floof, & fur atop head. one ear up, other ear down. down ear is half blue with lightning design. lightning eyelashes and brows. smiling. semicircle eyes.

Check out the Turbobun toyhouse page!

pen and paper sketch. fantasy rabbit on all fours. lightning neck floof. fiery bangs and tail. lightning pattern on ears and forehead. lightning eyelashes. closed mouth smile.

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