when i think about faenor, what jumps to  my mind is that scene from
lilo & stitch where lilo and nani are arguing over what to do about stitch.
nani quite rightly wants to get rid of him cuz
he's been nothing but trouble and destructive.
she's a very young woman
for custody of her last living family member.

stitch isn't making a good impression on the social worker.

nani says that stitch isn't family. he hasn't been there that long.
and lilo reminds her that neither has she (lilo). she's only six.

it's easy enough say "get rid of him, he's trouble" when it's an
animal-enough creature. but feanor is a person.
even if he is even more trouble than stitch.

does faenor need redeeming or does he need healing?

but if he needs healing, who will he listen to?

he's got his father wrapped around his finger;

he doesn't listen to nerdanel anymore;

he doesn't trust his teacher, and that goes

double for the rest of the valar.

i don't want faenor to know his name as gwinig because

that would be cruel to him and lady miriel. his mother-name

is all he has of her. this is the man who's so stubborn he

refused to go by his father-name. he might not even have any
memories of her. he's lived a long time. she died very early in his life.

but what if she could give him something else?

he's a crafty, creative person. loves working with his hands.
and he doesn't have Reality men's hangups about doing "women's work",
so i think he'd love to learn to weave! from not just anyone: his mom!

he won't care that

she's the best weaver in Ardan history,

lady miriel is his mother. that's more important to him.

You didn’t want to be trained by my teachers. How about your teachers?

Shen from Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior; written by Vince Cheung, Ben Montanio, Mark Seabrooks, and Lydia Look.
faenor's not a purely evil person, a devil whose only desire
is to bring pain and misery to others.

he's just a man who

forgot that his greatest creations were never some rocks he made out of trees
or a writing system.

he also crafted a beautiful marriage and

seven highly skilled, too-loyal-for-their-own-good sons.

There are always men like you.

Unnamed Elderly German Man, to Loki, as the Norse god of lies prepares to conquer the world.

Avengers 2012, written by Joss Whedon.
a spotted tapestry in progress on a loom.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

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