Girlfriend Concepts #3

  1. girlfriends in floral, gossamer gowns.
  2. girlfriends wearing leather jackets.
  3. leather jacket girlfriend and denim jacket girlfriend.
  4. sleeveless girlfriends.
  5. girlfriends playfully bumping each other’s shoulder.
  6. girlfriend A taking girlfriend B’s favorite hoodie to the dry cleaners for them.
  7. girlfriend A showing girlfriend B how to set the radio presets.
  8. girlfriends A and B helping girlfriend C buy their first car.
  9. girlfriends going out to eat to celebrate successfully buying a car.
  10. punk fairy girlfriends.
  11. girlfriends in an 80s-style hair band together.
  12. girlfriends playing their first ever sold out concert.
  13. biromantic girlfriend, bisexual girlfriend, and bigender girfriend.
  14. ace girlfriend, aro girlfriend, and aroace girlfriend.
  15. girlfriends navigating their first polyamorous relationship together.

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