Interview with Shelly Morgan

Shelly Morgan (She/Her) is a queer artist, eccentric creator, and mad scientist. I asked her about herself and her content, as well as content she’s been enjoying recently. You can check out Shelly Morgan at the links at the end of the interview.

  1. What queer terminology do you use for yourself publicly? Do not feel pressured to come out as anything in your answer. Please only disclose whatever you’re comfortable with.
    • I consider myself a bi, nonbinary-trans woman, terminology wise!
  2. What non-queer demographic terminology do you use for yourself? Again, please only disclose whatever you’re comfortable with.
    • I am non-white, but white passing, neurodivergent and disabled.
  3. What projects are you involved in? This can be any type of content you’d like to promote.
    • I make a large variety of art across many mediums including
      • photo-edits,
      • amvs,
      • 3d models (both organic and hard surface),
      • esoteric programs centered around strange mechanics and
      • custom aesthetic electronics.
    • I have also created mods specifically for streamers to create content with.
  4. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not creating content?
    • I enjoy playing games with my friends and creating stories from them. Especially things that provoke more creation and growth, such as TTRPGs.
  5. What does the queer community needs to do better about understanding, accepting, and supporting?
    • Strange but harmless people deserve more acceptance and support. Weird people, even neurotypical ones, deserve to exist safely without ridicule.
  6. What are you excited about going forward? Can be anything from creative projects, personal or professional milestones, etc.
    • I am excited building a strange analog streamdeck for my girlfriend! Its gonna have a knife-switch (frankenstein switch)!
  7. Are there any pets or plants in your life?
    • Sadly my banana plants are long gone and my cats live with my dad.
  8. What content / content creators have you been enjoying recently? This could be anything from books, to podcasts, to tutorial videos, etc. Anything you want other people to know about.
    • A lot of Cathode Ray Dude on youtube! He’s a leftist, LGBT electronics reviewer!
  9. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
    • I make very strange and interesting connections in my head and it lets me make some very creative stuff!

Shelly Morgan can be found on tumblr, twitter, and her own website.


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