Egg Concepts #1

  1. an egg trying makeup for the first time.
  2. eggs trading clothes.
  3. a reincarnating egg trying different genders each life.
  4. an egg loving their new haircut.
  5. an egg trying a different presentation style at work.
  6. an egg trying on a different name each day.
  7. an egg discovering their gender from an LGBT wiki.
  8. eggs swapping genders.
  9. a dozen eggs going shopping together.
  10. an egg buying pride merch they really vibe with and discovering more about themself.
  11. eggs journeying to the center of the gender.
  12. an egg calling themself different gendered terms.
  13. an egg stumbling upon a new gender through a twitter thread.
  14. eggs learning about themselves as they study queer history together.
  15. an egg making a flag for their new gender.

From Queersletter Issue #2.


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