Angel and Demon Prompts

Whether you’re trapped in hell or living in heaven, here are some story and character prompts for you!

  1. An Angel’s Guardian Demon.
  2. A Demon’s Guardian Angel.
  3. An Angel and a Demon who are trying to raise a Normal Person together.
  4. Three Demons in a trench coat trying to bypass angelic security.
  5. An angel who can see no evil, an angel who can hear no evil, and an angel who can speak no evil.
  6. A demon who can see no good, a demon who can hear no good, and an angel who can speak no good.
  7. An angelic demon.
  8. A demonic angel.
  9. An angel watching over a demon while they sleep.
  10. A demon watching over an angel while they sleep.
  11. An angel who leaves heaven because Deity has abandoned the Mortals they claim to love so much.
  12. Demons on vacation―and the angel who has to stop them from wreaking havoc wherever they please.
  13. Devil taunting Deity.

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I’m glad you asked!

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Thank you for taking time to read this. I hope you enjoy what you’ve found here.


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