Boyfriend Concepts #5

  1. boyfriends who meet in a library.
  2. boyfriend A crashes into boyfriend B from the ceiling.
  3. boyfriends who have to find each other in a haunted abode.
  4. boyfriend A showing boyfriend B their huge, colorful dice collection.
  5. boyfriend A thought boyfriend B was talking about sex.
  6. boyfriends getting confused for each other.
  7. aquagender boyfriends.
  8. boyfriends escaping a sinking pirate ship.
  9. boyfriends getting married at sea.
  10. boyfriends haunting those who stole their treasure.
  11. boyfriends learning better coping strategies together.
  12. boyfriends learning to communicate with each other better.
  13. boyfriends hoisting the mainsail together.
  14. boyfriends in a fashion show together.
  15. boyfriends wearing skirts together.

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