Let’s Go, Mírieliel! Day 3

Tadashi: Welcome back, everyone! HFE’s taking a short break from highlighting and moodboarding Robert Nye’s New Telling of Beowulf to bring you day 3 of Let’s Go, Mírieliel! Solnishka, I hear there’s been a major update in the party breakdown?

Solnishka: That’s right there has!

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Let’s Go, Mírieliel! Day 2

Solnishko: Happy Halloween, everyfairy! We’ve got the scariest thing of all: HFE continuing something fae started instead moving on to something else. Be sure to catch the recap of Day 1, or you’ll be in for a fright indeed 👻. Today was a slower day, but we still made progress! Oh hey, Piko!

Piko: I can’t believe HFE started reporting on Let’s Go Pikachu without me: his first Pikachu!

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