The Wrath of Mother Nature

A not-so-innocent sequel to Mahal and Eru for the Innocents.

Yavanna, broiling with anger, prowling in like a lioness about to kill her prey: I cannot believe this! Vána! Varda! Estë! Vairë! Nessa! We need a god-wife talk! Nienna! Get in here too, you’re going to love this!

{The goddesses gather for some gossip!}

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Mahal and Eru for the Innocents

Harnor: Hey, Piko, why don’t you tell this story?

Piko: Absolutely! It was never Eru who was upset at Mahal, it was Yavanna!

Mahal: Aren’t they great? We need some Champions of Tough to handle all the darkness Morgoth’s making! I’ve been teaching them smithing, maths, and sciences! And some basic fighting skills! I have knowledge to share. I know you’re working hard on the Elves. Making Champions of Beauty isn’t easy… I don’t mind if they’re not alive, they’re alive enough for me!

Eru: …You’re right, we do need some Champions of Tough around here. Well done, son. Now. Does your wife know about them?

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