Shadow of Chaos

demon with asymmetrical horns, fluffy hair, intense guyliner, and a diamond-shaped nose. demon is wearing a striped kimono and a neutral expression. negative filter.

Demon of Action

(he/dae/they singular)

how to use dae/daem pronouns:

  • nominative (dae, said like “day”): dae prefers heavy armor.
  • accusative (daem, said like “dame”): nobody fights like daem.
  • pronominal possessive (daer, said like “dare”): this is daer katana.
  • predictive possessive (daers, said like “dares”): this motorcycle is daers.
  • reflexive (daerself, rhymes with “fair elf”): Shadow’s capable of protecting daemself.

inspiration: Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic Heroes (aka the best sonic game ever).

weaponry: daisho (Night Katana + wakizashi) and yumi (Lightswitch Bow).

best stats: physical attack and speed.

pexels collection.

spotify playlist.

toyhouse page.

“Sometimes, light shines too brightly to see the truth. And some people cannot see the forest for the trees.”

“Nothing is new under the sun, but some things shine anew under the moon.”

other info:

  • my first imaginary friend / OC. created when i was six.
  • can drive a motorcycle.
  • Night Katana is decorated with silver embellishments: stars, bats, and 5 moons. The moons glow red when enemies are nearby.
  • cannot see during sunlight unless he’s wearing something to shield his eyes (such as sunglasses or Midnight Cloth).
  • can see moonlight, starlight, and firelight just fine.
  • xenogender: moonlightgender.