Mahal and Eru for the Innocents

Harnor: Hey, Piko, why don’t you tell this story?

Piko: Absolutely! It was never Eru who was upset at Mahal, it was Yavanna!

Mahal: Aren’t they great? We need some Champions of Tough to handle all the darkness Morgoth’s making! I’ve been teaching them smithing, maths, and sciences! And some basic fighting skills! I have knowledge to share. I know you’re working hard on the Elves. Making Champions of Beauty isn’t easy… I don’t mind if they’re not alive, they’re alive enough for me!

Eru: …You’re right, we do need some Champions of Tough around here. Well done, son. Now. Does your wife know about them?

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Advanced Genders 103

Kenken: Believe it or not, Chu, there is yet another way we can use Lady Galadriel to explain advanced genders! As stated in the last lesson, her mother named her “Nerwen”. Do you remember what that means?

Chu: It means “man-maiden”!

Kenken: That’s right, it means man-maiden. Well done, Chu! Now, in a world where everything is pretty binary, men sire children, and women give birth to children. In a galaxy far, far away; that’s not necessarily true. Mandalorians, whom we took inspiration for our Calemir’ade philosophy, have a word for male and female―”jagyc” and “dalyc”―but not a word for man and woman. Cui ogir’olar! It’s irrelevant―especially in battle, which is what Mandolorians love to do! They love it a little too much, but every culture has its problems. So, Chu, what do you suppose would be the difference between “jagyc” and “dalyc”, and “man” and “woman”?

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Advanced Genders 102

Kenken: Believe it or not, Chu, Ardan Elves already do sort of understand advanced genders already―or at least advanced relationships to gender. Lady Galadriel, if you or any member of your household is reading this, we do sincerely apologize. Alright, Pixxy, hit it!

Pixxy Fire Fist: Lady Galadriel’s mom named her Nerwen! That means “man-maiden”! Does that mean she’s a maiden and a man? That’s something to celebrate! Let’s go celebrate Lady Galadriel’s advanced gender!

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