Elves in Space!!! (draft)

draft about a space elf prince’s coming of age.

vod links 1, 2, 3.


so i’ve been ruminating about an elf prince just traveling to other cities in his kingdom. like he learns that it’s something other elven royalty used to do, but then it stopped. but now he wants to do it. and i want to write that. :3

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The Fae Ball (draft)

draft about a nonbinary Cinderella-character aiming to bolster its prospects―and a greeter aiming to keep his own.

vod link.

alright, everybody, we are live! i wish i’d gotten to stream more this month, but my work schedule was extra weird this month due to many things. we’re down a chef, and one of our cafe workers can’t work longer than 4 hours at the moment, so we’re all scrambling to fill in those holes. but i’m happy to be streaming today!

we have a super exciting battle going on right now. 4000 words! our largest word count monster yet! we’ve got 16 hours and change to defeat it, but we will definitely be done before then.

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The Ballad of Brian (draft)

draft about a prince bringing his snowman to life.

vod links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Prince Brian (he/him) the star of the show, gnc aroace.

Flurry (he/they) co-star of the show, gaaaaaaaaaaay nonbinary.

King / Queen Alvar (he/she) Brian’s grandparent, genderfluid lil shit.

Vice-King Felix (he/him) Brian’s father, Angel’s son, Lorraine’s husband, Conrads’s Best Fucker Forever, trans biromantic gay lil shit.

Vice-Queen Lorraine (she/they) Brian’s mother, Felix’s wife, Conrad’s metamour, trans ace demiwoman.

Chamberlain Conrad (he/him), Felix’s fucktoy, Lorraine’s metamour, aro gay lil shit.

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Baby’s First Shapeshift (draft)

vod link.

completed work.

Content warning for body horror.

alright we’re fighting some majal today (4theWords’ water monsters). they have two water monsters, but majal are the higher word count ones.

thank god the wind stopped it’s now warm enough to stream outside so i don’t have to listen to the fucking laundry machines.

i hope everyone’s had a good weekend / week ^-^ recently reconnected with a dear friend from what hachikoexe calls my “millennial childhood” and yeah i’m using that phrase now. time and development are very strange when you’re trans and autistic, or even just one of those things! and most of my 18-19-even earlier 20s were spent just exploring the internet for the first time, really. and just meeting people, making my first writing / creative friends.

so i’ve had this idea about a baby elf shapeshifting for the time, and i think that’d be cute and fun! and hopefully i can finish it in one stream but we’ll see.

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Some Bullshit About a Huntsman (draft)

vod link.

*description of a thick ass forest*

*shiver and shadow are doing shit when some loud fucking dogs start barking up a storm. they’re hunting dogs, and our heroes are their current prey. shiver bolts the fuck outta there with sky magic, recalling shadow to keep them close. eventually they get caught in a net*

*panic rises as the dogs close in, snapping and jumping up at them like piranhas*

*enter the huntsman*

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Sire (draft)

vod link.

Welcome in, everyone! We’re writing vampires tonight!

Content notes for tonight’s stream include blood-drinking, manipulative behavior and abuse, violence (including violence that results in the deaths of minor characters), and religion-fueled supernatural bigotry.

Although I’ve done my best, this is a WIP, and thus an exact list of content notes simply isn’t possible.  Please keep yourselves safe.  I will completely understand if you have to leave.

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