Ron Stoppable’s war against Disney is both pathetic and hilarious.

A guy on the “people should work to death to survive” and the “protect the kids” party threatening to put a prison and / or a competitor amusement park next to his one of state’s biggest employers, aka one of the biggest family vacation spots in the nation? Ha!

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Watching Sonic Prime

watching Sonic Prime (netflix). the character designs look like the characters! (the fact that there’s not just one, but two relevant jimquisition episodes related to sonic design specifically is both unsurprising and shocking. i feel like it really shouldn’t be that hard to make sonic and company look like themselves…)

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Lessons Learned from Mahal

Mahal made the Middle-Earth Dwarves. And a bunch of junk that doesn’t matter by the Third Age. He also taught Sauron, Sarumon, Mahtan, and that loveless loser Faenor.

Mahtan’s wife doesn’t have a name either by the way. Let’s name her Ruscundil (Quenya, gender-neutral, lover of foxes). The fox she loves most is him, even if he is faking it. But hey, you know what the Humans say! Fake it ’til ya make it; and when you get bored, shake it up.

Mahtan was such a great student to Mahal that one is his names is Aulendur (“Servant of Aulë”. That’s what the Elves call him). Here’s what I learned from Mahal.

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