The Devil Went Down to Georgia Pride

CN: bigot preaching at Pride and misgendering a trans man, references to violence against trans people, references to the church-led grooming epidemic.

The devil went down to Georgia Pride

wearing a collared shirt and tie

waving a leather book older than my old man.

He started screeching hellfire days

were coming up fast upon us gays.

The Queens and Daddies all rightly rolled their eyes.

We were all polite as hell,

each of our pups a damn angel.

Yet he'd just keep on calling Stuart "ma'am".

Stuart got a-squirming,

the devil disrespecting

this wholesome self-made man.

Then finally, this black-haired goth

got his temper mighty hot.

He used his tongue to take the devil to church.

"Hell is the world that you have made,

laws and guns killing kids every day.

Yet this is what Christ has moved your ass to do.

Your pastors are doing the real grooming.

Start running, sir, cuz the truth is looming.

Sir, the only devil here at Pride is you!"

The devil didn't even scrounge up a tear.

Before he left, he said, "Now, son, listen here.

You sound like you're speaking from a place of anger."

It was a miracle that anger didn't become fighting.

What with the devil acting high and mighty.

Meanwhile, his churches are covering up all kinds of crimes and scams!

And not even paying taxes to help their fellow folk.

The devil's lucky he's popular cuz

he'd never last a day at the misfits' table.

He'd never last a day with his folks' suicide rate so high.

His murderers getting off Scot-free cuz their swipe right

panicked over them not having the bible they were expecting.

When someone does evil in Jesus' name,

My pastor taught me don't even wish 'em godspeed.

That's how much our Holy Daddy hates 'em.

So I hope someone else blesses that devil's heart

cuz he's gonna need it when we tell 'im 'bout CRT.

Bigotry never rides alone.

So get yourself a goth twink, abortion access stickers, and some bricks.

And in my Holy Daddy's name,

bless your aim.


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