9 Roleplaying Games that aren’t D&D

With so many Controversies of the Coast coming to light, I figured I’d make a list of D&D alternatives.

These are listed in no particular order. I still haven’t played any of these because I have no life and some of these haven’t even printed yet, but I am excited to have a life someday, as well as all these games in my library.

Backed on Kickstarter disclosure~!

  1. Animon: Pokémon/Digimon-inspired.
  2. Into the MotherLands: Afrofuturism!
  3. Tomorrow on Revelation III: introduce your players to the evils of capitalism―in space!
  4. Pretentious Games for Villains and Bastards: 1 book, 9 games.
  5. Our Traveling Home: Studio Gibli-inspired.
  6. Coyote & Crow: Indigenous AU where the Americas were never colonized.
  7. Tezca Sentai: Mexican Power Rangers.
  8. The Sun’s Ransom: vampires working together to restore the sun.
  9. Once More Into the Void: bring your crew back together for one last job.

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