Ron Stoppable’s war against Disney is both pathetic and hilarious.

A guy on the “people should work to death to survive” and the “protect the kids” party threatening to put a prison and / or a competitor amusement park next to his one of state’s biggest employers, aka one of the biggest family vacation spots in the nation? Ha!

i’m pretty sure all of the direct to dvd disney sequels are laughing at him, that’s how foolish he’s being.

if i were him i’d be bragging about winning against the “woke” crowd with my anti-trans bills or something he’s actually done successfully.

But no, clearly the hill he wants to die on is fighting a corporate empire worth billions of dollars and whining about scrump mocking him (the latter being something an opposing politician is supposed to do, which deFascist would know if he was running for president with something other than his own ego).

Also, why is grump calling him deSanctimonious, meatball, or tiny D when deSatan is right there!?

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