you learn something terrible every day!

i was looking up miscrits cuz i’m nostalgic and playing that with my bestie Caleb was the only reason i was on twitter-but-with-my-parents.

and apparently the US gov RESCINDS tribal recognition… wtf?

“you’re one of the many indigenous peoples we fucked over!”

“nope nvm turns out you don’t exist. no we don’t know how we’d be talking to you without you existing. it’s racism, stop thinking so much! god! just let us deny you fed programs in peace!!!”

not that this is at all the point, but i’m just thinking about how they 1) did the paperwork to recognize the tribe and then 2) did even more paperwork to un-recognize the tribe… why would you do all that work???

and now your racist asses are gonna have to do EVEN MORE paperwork to re-recognize them again, once you finally get your racist heads out of your racist asses.

i hope they get back payments for this. like what the fuck. seriously… racism costs time, money, and paperwork!

here’s the tribe i stumbled upon. i’m sure there’s more, unfortunately.

the first form of this miscrit is literally named after this tribe. (to be fair, apparently chinook is a dog breed too, but it’s still weird to me. especially since it looks nothing like the irl breed). my goal is to make the miscrit design not appropriate or fetishize indigenous cultures. i know the first step to that is ditching the feather headdress. i forget the specifics, but i know that’s basically a medal of honor for indigenous warriors. other people’s cultures are not costumes!

i want my windy doggo as a Redanian fairy.

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