One of Redania’s famous starter fairies.


Category: Liquid / Mineral.

  • immune to drake, light, liquid, metal, mineral, plasma, spirit, and wind spells.
  • takes double damage from heat and mind spells.
  • takes quadruple damage from plant spells.

Conservation status: least concern.

Habitat: streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds.

Quality: Tsunami ― the user’s Liquid spells can attack targets regardless of typical typing rules, dealing unmodified damage if they would normally do less. They can also hit targets that are Underground and Underwater.

Common personalities:

  • Calm (tranquil and serene. It can be hard to teach them that it’s okay to react publicly).
  • Docile (easy to lead. It can be hard to guard them from the dangers of group think and bad orders / leaders).
  • Quiet (avoids idle chatter. It can be hard to convince them to contribute to discussions).

Nutrition: crayfish, mollusks, insects, annelids, arachnids, amphibians, and small fish.

This makes muddamanders carnivores.

And no, arachnids are not insects. Even though spider-based fairies tend to be and use insect magic. Fairies are not scientists.

Professor Benben Beezelwax, Redanian fairyologist.

Predators: fish (while it’s young and small), turtles, and water snakes.

Communication Methods: Clicking, ticking, popping, squeaking, and barking (sound); pheromones (smell).

In the wild, muddamanders use sounds to startle and scare away predators. Pheromones are used for mating.

Domestic muddamanders use sounds to communicate with their magicians, especially feelings of nervousness or fear. However, this species is generally not very chatty.

Professor Benben Beezelwax again.

Plural: muddamanders.

Pronunciation “mud” + “a” + “man” + “der” (as in “tender”).

Etymology: “mud” (a sticky, sloppy mixture of earth and water) + “salamander” (lizard-like, elongated amphibians).


Median level 5 height: 1’05”.

Median level 5 weight: 17.3 lbs.

Median level 15 height: 2’05”.

Median level 15 weight: 63.4 lbs.

Median level 50 height: 4′10″.

Median level 50 weight: 181 lbs.

Median level 100 height: 6′05″.

Median level 100 weight: 225 lbs.


Muddamanders are nocturnal creatures unless they live in murky waters. During the day, they bury themselves in mud or sand to beat the heat. This also helps them stay hidden from predators.

They prefer living in rivers, but they can also be found in the ocean helping beached whales get back to sea.

It used to help people tow ships to port. Now peoples have machines to tow ships instead, but whales do not trust machines, so muddamanders are still called in to help them.

Its patient demeanor makes Muddamanders a good choice for a magician’s first fairy friend.

Muddamanders have four feet and a droplet design on the end of its tail. Their bodies might have spots, blotches, or be plain-patterned. They often have a dorsal stripe, but domestic breeding programs can produce offspring without it.

It has external gills on its head and cheeks. Living in running, oxygenated waters makes these external gills shorter than those of muddamanders that live in oxygen-depleted waters.

Muddamanders are neotenic, retaining a larva-like appearance throughout its life. There is no sexual dimorphism within this species.

It has teeth. All its teeth have similar shapes, making them homodonts and affecting what they can eat.

Muddamanders have a suck and gape feeding style. They pull prey into their mouths, then hold their prey inside with their teeth. Muddamanders can also utilize suction feeding by interlocking their lips. Their dentary bone stabilizes their jaw, allowing them to consume larger prey.


  1. Pounce: muscle, physical, single-target. Never misses.
  2. Bulky Boost: muscle, noncombative, user. Boosts the user’s physical offense and defense by one stage.
  3. Muddy Mash: mineral, physical, single-target. Can lower the target’s accuracy.
  4. Scalding Shot: liquid, mystical, single-target. May Burn the target.
  5. Shady Bite: shade, physical, single-target. May lower the target’s physical defense and cause the target to Skip its next turn.
  6. Sandy Shot: mineral, mystical, single-target. Always strikes first.
  7. River Ring: liquid, noncombative, user. A school of ethereal, bubbly fish surround the user, healing it by one-sixth its maximum stamina each turn. The school stays for the remainder of the battle or until the user retreats to a Fairy Ring, whichever comes first.
  8. Troubling Tunnel: mineral, physical, single-target. The user goes Underground on the turn it casts this spell, then strikes the target on the next.
  9. Pass It Yawn: shade, noncombative, single-target. The target falls Asleep on its next turn, staying Asleep for the next 3-5 turns. The target can avoid falling Asleep if it retreats to a Fairy Ring, leaves the battle, or uses an appropriate item or spell.
  10. Maelstrom: liquid, mystical, single-target. Prevents the target from escaping battle or returning to a fairy ring for five turns. Deals a small amount of damage to the target each subsequent turn. Deals double damage to opponents that are Underwater.
  11. Rain Prayer: Rain pours over the battlefield for five minutes (eight when the user holds a weather gem). Becomes Hail Prayer if used on a cold enough day. “Rain, rain, come this way. Tears will let us all be gay. Rain, rain, come this way. Fall and bless our fight today.”
  12. Steel Tail: metal, physical, single-target. May lower the target’s physical defense.
  13. Freezing Breath: cold, mystical, single-target. Freezes the target one-tenth of the time.
  14. Burrow: mineral, noncombative, user. The user goes Underground for one turn, healing half its maximum stamina. It emerges the next turn with the other half of its maximum stamina healed.
  15. Alarming Sound: wind, mystical, crowd control. An attack spell that prevents everyone on the battlefield from sleeping.
  16. Muddy Wave: mineral, mystical, crowd control. Can lower the target’s accuracy. Deals double damage to opponents that are Underwater.
  17. Watery Wave: liquid, mystical, crowd control. Heals the user for half the damage it deals. Deals double damage to opponents that are Underwater.
  18. Axe Attack: muscle, physical, single-target. Lowers the user’s speed by one stage after landing a successful hit with this spell. The user can cast this spell with a limb, a tail, or an implement such as a stick.
  19. Landslide: mineral, physical, crowd control. might cause one or more of the targets hit by this spell to Skip their next turn.
  20. Richter Riot: mineral, physical, crowd control. Harms everyone who’s On the Ground or Underground, including allies. This spell deals double damage to anyone who’s Underground.
  21. Barribreak: muscle. physical, single-target. Deals double damage when it shatters defensive walls and other such magical barriers.
  22. Avalanche: cold, physical, single-target. Deals damage based on how much slower the user is compared to the target. If the target is slower than the user, it heals the target instead.
  23. Deep Dive: liquid, physical, single-target. The user goes disappears Underwater for one turn, then strikes on the next.
  24. Aqua Cannon: liquid, mystical, single-target. The user has to return to its Fairy Ring for one minute after using this spell.
  25. Salameander: liquid, noncombative, single-target. Causes the target to move at the same speed the user does. This spell can’t be used twice per battle. Exclusive to Salamanders.

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