Review: Comrade Himbo published by POMEgranate Press

Looking for some comics featuring wholesome hunks helping their communities grow and thrive?

Pick up a copy of Comrade Himbo edited by CC Calanthe, Ashley Gallagher, Jenny Mott, and Rachel Weiss!

Backed on Kickstarter disclosure.

“Thicc of thigh… thiccer of heart”, that’s all I needed to know!

It brought me a lot of joy not only being able to concentrate on reading during this trying time in my life, but also seeing a bunch of compassionate characters working together to improve the lives of each other and their communities.

Another great review I’ve found for this book is Kathryn Hemmann’s over at Women Write About Comics.

No one in these comics quotes Marx or Lenin or Mao, and the international perspective of the artists ensures that the anthology tacitly acknowledges the reality of people whose families lived in socialist or communist countries and may have complicated opinions about their experiences with real-world governments. There is no preaching in Comrade Himbo, nor is there any glorification of political leaders who use the aesthetics of masculinity to push national agendas.

Thankfully, the body positivity expressed by the anthology’s artists transcends cultural borders. Comrade Himbo celebrates the bodies of larger men, older men, beefcake women, and nonbinary and genderqueer people with a range of gender presentations. Regardless of preference, readers who come to this anthology looking for handsome lads will not leave disappointed. Still, it’s inner strength that makes these himbos attractive, not their muscles. No matter what sexual or political orientation you bring to Comrade Himbo, it’s difficult not to feel inspired and motivated by its feats of kindness.

Definitely a Precious Book for me!

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