Review: Walking the Clouds edited by Grace L. Dillon

Looking for a crash course in Indigenous science fiction?

Grab a copy of Walking the Clouds edited by Grace L. Dillon!

My view is that the landscape, the place is dangerous―that to me is more of a traditional sense of environment than taking up the kind of Western romance of the environment as pristine and beautiful and a reservoir of hope and resurrection.

Gerald Vizenor on page 131 of my copy.

Organized by topic, so if you don’t vibe with one section, there’s a whole bunch more for you to experience. I remember particularly struggling with the slipstream section; it was just too slippery for me. I would love to give it, as well as the rest of this anthology, another shot though. Maybe I just need to read it again (with some pictures of the historical figures referenced in order to visualize what’s happening).

I do remember liking the apocalypse section. Especially William Sanders’ When This World is All on Fire.

“Still,” Jimmy went on, “you got to admit it’s a hell of a thing. Twenty-first century, better than five hundred years after Columbus, and here we are again with white people trying to settle on our land. What little bit we’ve got left,” he said, glancing around at the dusty woods. “There’s gotta be somewhere else they can go.”

“Except,” Davis said, “somebody’s already there too.”

page 152 of my edition.

Each piece follows an introduction of the author, their credentials, and their impact. For those who love additional context for their reading.

It’s been noted in western novels one finds oneself by leaving home, while in Native American storytelling one finds oneself by returning home.

Gerry William on page 78 of my copy.

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