Plasma Spells

25 famous Redanian Plasma spells.

  1. Bolt Bite (plasma, physical, single-target). 10% stun chance.
  2. Bolt Breath (plasma, mystical, single-target). 10% stun chance.
  3. Bolt Chain (plasma, mystical, single-target). If this spell causes the target to faint, any extra damage splashes over to the nearest enemy.
  4. Buddy Bolt (plasma, mystical, single-target). Deals damage according to the bond the user has with its allies. Deals zero damage if there are no allies nearby or if the user has no positive bonds with them.
  5. Electrical Charge (plasma, physical, single-target). Always strikes first.
  6. Electrical Fire (plasma, mystical, radius). 10% burn chance for each target.
  7. Fast Ball (plasma, mystical, single-target). If the user is faster than the target, this spell deals damage. If the user is slower than the target, this spell heals the target’s stamina instead.
  8. Hot Wire (plasma, noncombative, single-target). Burns the target.
  9. Icy Bolt (plasma, mystical, single-target). 10% freeze chance.
  10. Jolt Awake (plasma, physical, single-target). Deals double damage to sleeping targets, then wakes them.
  11. Jolt-Bolt (plasma, mystical, radius). 10% chance to stun each target.
  12. Lightning Dance (plasma, noncombative, user). Boosts speed and mystical offense by one stage each.
  13. Plug In (plasma, noncombative, single-target). Infests the target.
  14. Power Surge (plasma, mystical, radius). A spell so powerful that it also harms the user.
  15. Recharge (plasma, noncombative, user). Heals the user’s stamina.
  16. Rewire (plasma, noncombative, single-target). Replaces the target’s typical type(s) with plasma typing.
  17. Shocking Armor (plasma, noncombative, user). Stuns anyone who attacks the user.
  18. Shocking Fist (plasma, physical, single-target). 10% stun chance.
  19. Shocking Sound (plasma, mystical, radius). 10% to stun each target.
  20. Spark of Life (plasma, noncombative, single-target). Heals 25% of the target’s stamina.
  21. Static Shock (plasma, physical, single-target). 25% chance that the target skips their next turn.
  22. Stunning Song (plasma, noncombative, radius). Stuns all targets who hear it.
  23. Thunderclap (plasma, physical, single-target). A low power spell that always stuns its target, assuming it can be stunned.
  24. Thunderstorm (plasma, mystical, single-target). Always hits during rainy weather. Never hits during sunny weather. This spell can hit targets that are in flight.
  25. Zap (plasma, mystical, single-target). Never misses.

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