Let’s Go, Mírieliel! Day 2

Solnishko: Happy Halloween, everyfairy! We’ve got the scariest thing of all: HFE continuing something fae started instead moving on to something else. Be sure to catch the recap of Day 1, or you’ll be in for a fright indeed 👻. Today was a slower day, but we still made progress! Oh hey, Piko!

Piko: I can’t believe HFE started reporting on Let’s Go Pikachu without me: his first Pikachu!

Tadashi: Unfortunately, that’s what can happen when you use Extreme Speed under duress. You make less wise and more dangerous decisions.

Toshiro: Some people―like me, Pixxy, and Piko―are really good at making snap decisions. Other people like HFE move more like glaciers. As Chu says, “Some Pokémon become more powerful by speeding up, some Pokémon become more powerful by slowing down. Pokémon are weird, but that’s just how we are! It’s okay to take your time.” Work smarter, not harder.

Solnishko: You don’t need to use Agility, HFE. People are willing to wait.

Toshiro: And if they’re not, fuck ’em, we don’t need ’em!

Tadashi: Toshiro, you need to be polite.

Toshiro: Why? We’re doing this for free. If you want polite, become a patron.

Solnishko: Anyway… here’s the updated party breakdown! Another good reason to become a patron is to find out why we’re not listing party levels today.

  1. Mírieliel, partner Pikachu: electric. Still wearing the athletic outfit and matching hat for a sporty and stylish look. Quirky nature, likes to thrash about. No major benefits or hindrances to any stats, minor boost to physical attack. Met at level 5. “If this is what you do for fun, I’d hate to see what you do for work.”
    1. Zippy Zap (electric, physical): strikes first and always crits.
    2. Double Kick (fighting, physical).
    3. Light Screen: halves special damage not just the user, but all allies, receive.
    4. Quick Attack (normal, physical): strikes first.
  2. Kementáriel, Gloom: grass / poison. Sassy nature, likes to run. Major boost to special defense, major hindrance to speed―however, also a minor boost to speed. While I love having her running cutely with me, it’s more comforting to run with Nienniel. Met at level 4. “This is why we sent my mom a Relaxed-natured Skitty. You need to relax, you got this.”
    1. Razor Leaf (grass, physical): a bunch of leaves fly out, striking all adjacent foes.
    2. Growth: boosts the user’s special attack.
    3. Acid (poison, special): toxic blobs drop on all adjacent targets. 10% chance of lowering their special defense.
    4. Poison Powder: poisons the target.
  3. Nienniel, Clefable: fairy. Serious nature, likes to thrash about. No major benefits or hindrances to any stats, minor boost to physical attack. Nienniel’s still a Clefable at this point. Met at level 9. “If you stop having fun, stop playing.”
    1. Dig (ground, physical).
    2. Headbutt (normal, physical).
    3. Defense Curl: slightly increases the user’s physical defense.
    4. Sing: fails roughly half the time, but when it works, it puts the target to sleep.
  4. Nerdaneliel, Charmeleon: fire. Timid nature, alert to sounds. Major boost to speed, major hindrance to physical attack, plus another minor boost to speed. Met at level 14 as a reward for catching 50 Pokémon total. “Instead of worshiping the Valar, people in Reality want them dead and despairing? Including the children?!”
    1. Headbutt (normal, physical).
    2. Dig (ground, physical).
    3. Smokescreen: lowers the target’s accuracy.
    4. Ember (fire, special): one of the weakest fire-type attacks there is―besides Fire Spin―and even that’s more impressive than what anyone in Middle-Earth can do.

Toshiro: Go get that Celadon Badge! Or whatever it’s called.

Tadashi: Cascade Badge. And Mike‘s in Cerulean City right now.

Toshiro: Whatever! I know what the place looks like! He’s got an electric type and a grass type on the team, he’s got this!

Piko: Oh, he’s more than got this. Once Kementáriel’s got some much needed XP. This may be a water-type gym, but they could always have ice-type moves.

Tadashi: As expected, between Kementáriel and Mírieliel, it was a walk on the beach.

Solnishko: Kementariel’s a Gloom now!!! The magical moment of super-charged growth!

Toshiro: He’s also got a TM for Scald: a water-type move that lets you burn shit!

Tadashi: Toshiro, stop swearing so much. Lady Míriel is an Aristocat. Aristocats don’t like swear words.

Toshiro: Oh my god! Seriously!? There’s so many better things to do for this piece, such as drawing our awesome selves! We’ve got the World’s Fakest News Team beat out in fakeness. Now, we need to beat them in studio swag!!!

Tadashi rolls his eyes. His brother’s not Gentle-natured, that’s for sure. Never has been, never will be.

TnT, Piko, and Solnishka on a wraparound sofa. lamp and doors in the background. lightning and icicles in the midground. TnT has bunny and a fox puppets. Piko's air-pumping. Solnishka's dangling her legs off the couch.

Tadashi: And now we’re walking in on a robbery investigation. Super legal and super helpful!

Piko: Yeah, in the Pokémon worlds, you can barge into anybody’s home unannounced. That’s another thing Ardan Elves would find weird about Pokémon culture.

Solnishko: TM Dig‘s been stolen!

Team Rocket Grunt: Not in my backyard that isn’t actually mine! I’m super cleverly hiding in a bright corner right outside the house I robbed. What the fuck kinda stealth is this!?

Tadashi: Team Rocket Grunt!

Team Rocket Grunt: Sorry! …Wait, why am I apologizing for this? HFE can’t even stop swearing when he’s writing Gandalf. I’m swearing as much as I like―as is my right as a working class adult with adult, working class problems!

Toshiro: Yeah, the adult, working class problem of getting you ass kicked by an eight-year-old.

Team Rocket Grunt: Shut up T_T!!!

Toshiro: Whatever. It’s our TM now!

Piko: Don’t forget to heal your party, Mike.

Solnishko: Oh wow. The previous owner doesn’t want it back. He’s determined to teach his Diglett Dig naturally by leveling it up.

Toshiro: Digletts learn dig at level 18! How low is that Diglett? There’s plenty of wild pokemon to fight around here.

Solnishko: Maybe he can’t get past the nugget bridge trainers.

Tadashi: Plus his house is a mess at the moment. Paw prints everywhere. A giant hole in the side. Two of the table’s legs are broken.

Piko: There’s a mug on the floor, for crying out loud!

Tadashi: Adults, generally speaking, prioritize cleaning their house over training their Pokémon.

pokemon trainer mike emerald with Kementáriel the oddish and Mírieliel the pikachu. K has a flower by her leaves. M wears a sporty outfit. M's tail says "Húro túla".

Piko: Aaand he forgot to heal his mons.

Solnishko: Are you gonna teach anybody Dig?

Toshiro: Pikachus can learn Pay Day now!? What the fuck!?!

Tadashi sinks in his seat. He may be Toshiro’s parking breaks, but we’re out of parking fluid.

And as Toshiro said, why are we being polite―for free!―on the internet of all places?

Toshiro: Pay Day is supposed to be for Meowths only 😤!!!

Kementáriel: Toshiro, go smell some flowers! We’re trying to concentrate on training.

Toshiro hisses, but then he goes to do so. He feels much calmer now.

Piko: Thank you, Kementáriel.

Kementáriel: My pleasure.

Nerdaneliel: vs Onyx… Nope. Nienniel, save us!

Nienniel: On it!

Solnishko, TnT, Piko, and Mike: Praise Nienniel!

Nienniel glows from the praise.


Mike Emerald: More Venonats! More Oddishes!!!

Piko: Oh look, he finally healed the party.

Nerdaneliel: I clobbered an Ekans!

Nienniel: And I beat a Rattata.

Nerdaneliel: Just beat an Oddish! Even easier!

Nienniel: Nedaneliel and I are only in our mid-teens. Mírieliel and Kementáriel are in their early twenties. That’s why we’re training so much. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Piko: And you’re doing great!

Nienniel and Nerdaneliel: Thank you!

Solnishko: Nerdaneliel’s a Charmeleon now! Whoo! Another magical moment of super-charged growth!

Toshiro: Sweet! Seismic Toss from an expert trainer!

Solnishko: Seismic Toss is a move that gets more powerful the higher the user’s level is. A level 21 Pokémon will do 21 damage.

Toshiro: 15-21 damage isn’t super useful, but once we grow stronger, it’ll get better. say, for the Elite Four~.

Tadashi: Route 25 trainers officially cleared! Well done, HFE.

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I’m glad you asked!

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Thank you for taking time to read this. I hope you enjoy what you’ve found here.


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