Wind Spells

25 famous Redanian Wind spells.

      1. Adagio (wind, noncombative, single-target). The target’s speed lowers by two stages.
      2. Air Assault: (wind, physical, single-target). A spell so powerful, it also harms the user.
      3. Air Lock (wind, noncombative, single-target). Replaces the target’s typing with Wind.
      4. Alarming Sound (wind, mystical, crowd control). An attack spell that prevents everyone on the battlefield from sleeping.
      5. Allegro (wind, noncombative, user). The user’s speed heightens by two stages.
      6. Batter Up (wind, physical, single-target). Flings the target up into the sky, preventing them from doing anything during their next turn. This spell can only be used once per battle. Exclusive to Bats.
      7. Bird Bite (wind, physical, single-target). If the target is holding a food item, the user consumes it, coming under its effects.
      8. Bird’s Eye Strike (wind, physical, single-target). This attack only misses if the target is Underground, Underwater, or has Vanished. This attack can hit opponents who have taken Flight. This spell cannot be used more than once per battle. Exclusive to birbs.
      9. Boomblast (wind, mystical, crowd control). A powerful spell that hits everything in a ten foot radius around the user, including allies.
      10. Cloudy Armor (wind, noncombative, user). Raises the user’s evasion by two stages.
      11. Disarming Sound (wind, mystical, crowd control). Strikes all foes on the battlefield. Never misses.
      12. Drill Beak (wind, physical, single-target). Always strikes first.
      13. Echo (wind, mystical, radius). This spell doubles in power if an ally is also using it. The effect multiplier increases when more allies use it simultaneously.
      14. Flight (wind, physical, single-target). The user flies up high for one minute, then drops down for an attack on the next. While the user is charging this spell, it can’t be hit except under certain conditions. Outside of battle, this spell lets the user ferry its magician to places it’s been before.
      15. Gale (wind, mystical, single-target). Deals damage according to the bond the user has with its allies. Deals zero damage if there are no allies nearby or if the user has no positive bonds with them.
      16. Headwind (wind, noncombative, crowd control). Lowers the target and its allies’ speed by two stages.
      17. Lion Roar (wind, mystical, crowd control). This attack spell lowers all foes’ physical offense, mystical offense, and speed by one stage each. This spell can only be used once per battle. Exclusive to lions.
      18. Lullaby (wind, noncombative, crowd control). Fails half the time, but when it succeeds, it puts all foes who hear it to sleep.
      19. Preen (wind, noncomative, user). Heals the user, but removes its wind immunities and vulnerabilities until it takes flight again.
      20. Sirocco (wind, mystical, single-target). Has a 10% chance of burning the target.
      21. Soothing Song (wind, noncombative, user or single target): heals up to half the target’s max stamina.
      22. Squall (wind, mystical, single-target). After attacking, rain appears on the battlefield and stays for five minutes, assuming no weather modification qualities, items, or spells come into play.
      23. Tailwind (wind, noncombative, user and allies). Raises the user and its allies’ speed by two stages.
      24. Tornado (wind, mystical, crowd control). Deals damage even to targets that have taken Flight. Bypasses accuracy checks during rainy weather. Never hits during sunny weather.
      25. Zephyr Dance (wind, noncombative, single-target). Lowers the target’s physical offense by two stages.

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