A Redanian fairy species for dedicated birdkeepers and dragonriders.


Category: drake / wind.

  • immune to drake, heat, insect, liquid, metal, plant and wind spells.
  • takes quadruple damage from mineral spells.
  • takes double damage from mind, muscle, and spirit spells.

Pronunciation: (“clou” from “cloud” + “burb” from “suburb”).

Plural: cloubirbs.

Habitats: forests and mountains.

Nutrition: insects and fish, supplemented by berries.

Conservation Status: least concern.

Common Personalities:

  • Dold (dauntless and assertive, doesn’t stand down).
  • Gentle (tender and graceful, often fails to stand up for itself).
  • Jolly (ever-joyful, not open about other emotions it feels).

Quality: Rejuvenate ― this fairy heals all status effects whenever it recovers stamina.

Etymology: cloud (those things in the sky that sometimes bring rain) + birb (a cuter way to say “bird“).


Median level 10 height: 1’05”.

Median level 10 weight: 2.5 lbs.

Median level 10 wingspan: 3’05”.

Median level 50 height: 3′05″.

Median level 50 weight: 45 lbs.

Median level 50 wingspan: 5’05”.

Median level 100 height: 4′08″.

Median level 100 weight: 45 lbs.

Median level 100 wingspan: 6’08”.


Its cloudy plumage provides great camouflage.

Its relatively short wingspan gives it high acceleration, letting it get moving quickly when it needs to escape predators.

Wild cloubirbs are friendly and unafraid of people. They’ve often been witnessed on people’s heads, dusting off their shoulders and neatening their hair.

They live with their flocks in forested and mountainous areas. While they like people well enough, they don’t typically live amongst them like bowtybirbs do. As such, this species is only recommended for experienced magicians.

Some people think it’s just a wind fairy. They’re often surprised that it eats meat. Its hooked beak makes its diet obvious to ornithologists. Dragons also quite like meat.

While young cloubirbs might be preyed upon, fully-grown cloubirbs face no danger from other fairies and creatures in their environment.


  1. Lullaby (wind, noncombative, crowd control): fails half the time, but when it succeeds, it puts all foes who hear it to sleep.
  2. Fog (cold, noncombative, user and allies): prevents the user and its allies from having their stats lowered.
  3. Bird Bite (wind, physical, single-target): if the target is holding a food item, the user consumes it.
  4. Jump Scare (spirit, physical, single-target): deals damage and has a 10% chance of causing the target to Skip its next turn.
  5. Preen (wind, noncomative, user): heals the user, but removes its wind immunities and vulnerabilities until it takes flight again.
  6. Echo (wind, mystical, radius): this spell doubles in power if an ally is also using it.
  7. Draco Breath (drake, mystical, line): deals damage and has a 10% chance of Stunning the target, preventing it from taking action 25% of the time in addition to halving its speed.
  8. Preventative (mind, noncombative, user and allies): guards the user and the party from status effects.
  9. Cloudy Armor (wind, noncombative, user). Raises the user’s evasion by two stages.
  10. Freezing Breath (heat, mystical, line): deals damage and has a 10% chance of Freezing the target, causing it to be unable to cast spells, use items, flee or otherwise take action.
  11. Allure (light, noncombative, single-target): causes the target to become Enthralled, preventing them from taking action half the time.
  12. Rough Play (muscle, physical, single-target): deals damage. has a 50% chance of lowering the target’s physical attack by one stage.
  13. Soothing Song (wind, noncombative, user or single target): heals up to half the target’s max stamina.
  14. Zephyr Dance (wind, noncombative, single-target): lowers the target’s physical attack by two stages.
  15. Draco Dance (drake, noncombative, user): raises the user’s mystical attack and speed by one stage.
  16. Draco Claw (drake, physical, single-target): no additional effect besides dealing damage.
  17. Headwind (wind, noncombative, crowd control): lowers the target and its allies’ speed by two stages.
  18. Tailwind (wind, noncombative, user and allies) raises the user and its party’s speed by two stages.
  19. Mystic Mist (cold, noncombative, all): resets all stat changes for everyone on the field, including the user’s.
  20. Flight (wind, physical, single-target): the user flies up high for one minute, then drops down for an attack on the next. While the user is charging this spell, it can’t be hit except under certain conditions. Outside of battle, this spell lets the user ferry its magician to places it’s been before.
  21. Burning Breath (heat, mystical, line): deals damage and has a 10% chance of Burning the target, causing it to lose stamina every turn in addition to halving its physical and mystical attack.
  22. Tornado (wind, mystical, crowd control): deals damage even to targets that have taken Flight. Bypasses accuracy checks during rainy weather. Never hits during sunny weather.
  23. Supernova (light, mystical, crowd control): deals damage. also lowers the targets’ physical and mystical attack by two stages, as well as the user’s physical and mystical attack by one stage.
  24. Dirge (spirit, noncombative, all): everyone, including the user, who hears this song and is still fighting three minutes later will faint.
  25. Bird’s Eye Strike (wind, physical, single-target): this attack only misses if the target is Underground, Underwater, or has Vanished. This spell can target opponents that are In Flight. This attack can hit opponents who have taken Flight. This spell cannot be used more than once per battle. Exclusive to birbs.

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