Boyfriend Concepts #12

15 prompts for writing and drawing boyfriends! Featuring islands, librarians, and scimitars!

  1. pineapple boyfriend x coconut boyfriend.
  2. mongoose boyfriend x gander boyfriend.
  3. deer boyfriend x moose boyfriend x elk boyfriend.
  4. elf boyfriend x vampire boyfriend x angel boyfriend.
  5. witch boyfriend x pirate boyfriend.
  6. windflower boyfriend x beech leaf boyfriend.
  7. archer boyfriend x swordsman boyfriend.
  8. scimitar boyfriend x cutlass boyfriend.
  9. librarian boyfriend x book reviewer boyfriend.
  10. booktuber boyfriend x audio book voice artist boyfriend.
  11. furry boyfriend x office boyfriend.
  12. narnian boyfriend x middle-earth boyfriend.
  13. bulbasaur boyfriend x vulpix boyfriend.
  14. beach boyfriend x glade boyfriend.
  15. island boyfriend x forest boyfriend.

My prompts are dedicated to my patreon backers: Fatima Ane and Dean Blitz.

If you’d like your name included in the next round of prompts, head on over to my patreon!


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