propaganda princess

they reveled in stitching her back together again. over and over again. so that she’d shatter and scream her song of anguish as they tore her apart as if they’d captured her yesterday.

so much more fulfilling than life as a prince.

princesses ensure good relations between kingdoms.

your womb will one day carry the future king!

and barring that, princesses who shall receive a more complete education than you.

the king gets your virginity, that ought to go without saying.

proper princesses are puckered and pink. all your lips must be plump. suck lively!

stretch each morning.

be ready to greet visitors with a sweet smile and sparkling eyes. or a ripe, red cherry as the case may be.

princesses have heart-shaped brows. we’ll have to do some plucking and penciling since you don’t grow the proper shape naturally.

wear belted gowns shaped by corsets.

jeweled crowns and tiaras are an important part of your wardrobe.

keep your lashes as soft as your breasts.

your waist must be minimal, but expand your treble and base as much as possible.

it would be best to keep your shoulders in line as well. that would distract the nobles from your best assets.

and don’t bother with shoes. you won’t be going out-of-doors. that’s a dreadful place full of monsters and weather and peasants.

yes, i know it’s heavy, but there are so many people who’ve come to meet you! besides, you’re nowhere near your due date yet. there’s work to be done. proper princesses do not abandon their duties so frivolously.

Pretty Princess, before and after capture.

There’s a lot to cope with as a person with a child-bearing capable body I never wanted trying to eke out a fulfilling existence in cancelled-Roe America. Hope this helps you cope with it, too.

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I’m glad you asked!

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nipples poking thru crop top that says "virgin". underboob showing thru tee. hand under heavily pregnant belly. cutoffs. captioned: they reveled in stitching her back together again. over and over again. so that she'd shatter and scream her song of anguish as they tore her apart as if they'd captured her yesterday.

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