Useless Niceties

“We need to stop being polite to conservative boomers and start making their lives a hell that is both unprecedented and unrelenting,” @hachx0: the patron god of this website and the man who got me into streaming.

Don’t waste niceties and pleasantries on people who are slaughtering you.

Would you say “please” and “thank you” to Middle-Earth Orcs? No! They’d kill you before you got through a sentence. Be as aggressive and angry as you can. Terrify them into surrendering to your demands.

The righteous hurry past.

They don’t hear the little ones crying.

And the plague is coming on fast, ready to kill!

At the End of the Day written by Alain Albert Boublil, Claude Michel Schonberg, Herbert Kretzmer, and Jean Marc Nate; from Les Mis, the movie version directed by Tom Hooper.

Since you refuse to free my people,

All through the land of “Freedom”,

I send a pestilence and plague

Until you break, until you yield!

I send my sword, I send my horde.

Thus saith the Lord!

The Plagues written by Stephen Schwartz for Prince of Egypt, directed by Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, and Simon Wells. Not an exact quote.

They’ve killed all the angels.

They already think we’re demons.

Let’s show them how demonic we can be.

If you don’t see the daily indignities, you think the occasional murders that make the news―which for the record, there are tons of them… like Jamarion Robinson who don’t really make national news… It’s like this bully that lives in our community and nobody else sees it.

We have created the warrior cop instead of the guardian of the community that we actually deserve.

Kimberly Jones Speaking Out about Black Experiences in America on the Daily Show.

They responded in five seconds; they did their jobs with courage, grace, tenacity, humility. 18 years later, do yours!

Jon Stewart, former Daily Show host, talking to Congress about their shameful inaction that’s killing heroes.

We have. the money. Biden et all just keep spending it on warfare toys instead of things we actually need.

And yes, I’m calling out Biden. He’s not some powerless baby, he’s the goddamn president. with a House majority and a nearly equal Congress. And executive orders.

When I moved to my new town I had the choice of keeping my mouth shut about how people were transphobic to me in the past,

or I could tell the truth and protect other trans people from people like them, people who are clearly unapologetic.

I chose to tell the truth.

It has been six years and I still cannot get an apology from a grown adult, the only guarantee I have of my safety from this person is if I make it clear there will be consequences to their actions.

Learn from my mistakes.

Do not show mercy.

@Hachx0, later on in the thread linked above. As Master Splinter says, “The first rule of being a ninja is ‘do no harm.’ Unless you need to do harm, then do lots of harm!”

“So HFE, is your primary audience adults or children?”

What adults? All I see’s a bunch of children. I’ve been the adult all my life, what else is new?

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