Howdy, Partner

so apparently it’s cringe for straight couples to call each other partner 🤨🙄…

easy solution: start committing crimes! such as providing HRT to trans people! or in some places, be a good parent to your trans child(ren). If only all crimes were this easy to commit!

In which the author has been talking about Lord of the Rings-related nonsense for so long that it’s nice to talk about nonsense that’s purely from reality.

Originally a nested twitter thread, as opposed to a straight up twitter thread. Sometimes things work better as a QRT than as a continuation.

Also fuck capitalization rules. If it’s good enough for twitter, it’s good enough for wordpress. I’ve read so much AO3 stuff that the only real grammar rule I care for is paragraph spacing. And just like AO3 and twitter, reading all this is free.

do the “straight people calling each other partner!? ew!!!” crowd know that the more people who call each other partner, 1) the more cowboy-like society becomes and 2) the more ‘phobes will have to guess who’s queer and who’s not?

this is a good thing, people!

society may be safe for you, but it’s not safe for everyone. this should be obvious to anyone who’s got more than just people-like-them on their timeline.

there’s safety in ambiguity.

non-queer people, call yourselves “partner” all you like. you have my official HFE stamp of approval.

obligatory some queer people are straight bulletin.

such as trans people, asexual people, and aromantic people.

hell, some nonbinary people call themselves straight too.

english attraction language was built primarily for people who are binary genders, as well as attracted to people who are binary genders.

so once you’ve got even “just” an agender person for instance, you’ve got a dilemma on your hands. is the agender person “straight”, “gay”, ?????

if it’s an mspec nonbinary person, we can use terms like “bi” and “pan” without causing any uproars; but if we use a mono-attraction label, the binary babes flip out. although generally speaking, i see more uproar over a nonbinary person calling themselves “straight” rather than “gay”―key word here being “i”; others’ experiences may be different.

for the record, my fellow nonbinary babes, we are allowed to use whatever terms we like for ourselves.

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I’m glad you asked!

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