Queer Catboy Pirates

Ahoy, wordpress! ‘Tis I, Captain Ace of the Queer Catboy Pirates!

Sailing with me is me trusty crew: Vincent, Ro-Ro, Van Blossom, Ian, and Rick.

We heeded HFE’s call to assemble last year during art fight, we’ve also sailed over to toyhouse, and now we’ve sailed on here to HFEpro.com. For treasure! love! and catnip!

We arrived in time for International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia, too!

Remember! Whether you’re sailing the high seas or lubbing on land, pirates fly their flags with pride! 🏴‍☠🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈!!!

  • Captain Ace!
    • hey/hem pronouns.
      • nominative (hey): hey leads the queer catboy pirates.
      • accusative (hem): the crew respects hem a lot.
      • pronominal possessive (heir): this is heir ship.
      • predictive possessive (heirs): that ship is heirs.
      • reflexive (hemself): Captain Ace cleans hemself up nicely.
    • neutral and masculine language.
    • captain of the ship!
    • values cleanliness!
    • expressive pirate hat!
    • eyes always closed!
    • hey be ace!
    • hey be fat!
    • hey be nonbinary!
    • hey be vincian!
    • heir matey be me vincian catboy pirate!
    • heir artfight page.
    • heir toyhouse page.
  • Vincent!
  • Ian!
  • Van Blossom!
    • she/her pronouns.
    • masculine language (such as “man”, “handsome”, etc).
    • also likes to be called beautiful.
    • cloudy / curly fur texture.
    • the largest and strongest of the crew! This doesn’t mean she’s the best fighter; that’s Aro’s claim to fame.
    • she can fight if she has to, but she’s gentle and tends to restrain her opponents rather than hurt them.
    • she’s a lover, not a fighter!
    • excitable.
    • lavenian!
    • do not call her a woman! she’s a gender non-conforming gay man who uses she/her pronouns, not a binary woman.
    • her artfight page.
    • her toyhouse page.
  • Ro-Ro!
    • he/him pronouns.
    • ears are always a different color than the rest of his body.
    • eye patch.
    • the best fighter of the crew.
    • always down for a brawl!
    • loves pub-crawling.
    • the navigator.
    • can and will turn this ship around!!!
    • the shortest catboy pirate after Achillean.
    • the bulkiest of the crew.
    • aromantic.
    • his artfight page.
    • his toyhouse page.
  • Rick!
    • they (singular)/he pronouns.
    • left ear + right eye are the same color.
    • right ear + left eye are the same color.
    • both are different colors than the rest of their fur.
    • has the largest ears of the crew (in proportion to the rest of his body).
    • shorter than average, but you’re not gonna notice until they’re next to an average-sized catboy pirate like Captain Ace or Vincian.
    • has a rivalry with Vincian that everyone thinks is either super annoying or everyone ignores them entirely, depending on what they’re getting up to that day.
    • became a pirate to escape their very old-fashioned family.
    • will out-asshole you, so don’t even try.
    • the best pirate to sic on entitled people.
    • easily manipulated by praise and compliments.
    • thinks he’s above his crewmates’ nonsense, but he’s willing to go along with their shenanigans. however!
    • he will also rat them out to get himself out of trouble (or at least lessen his own consequences).
    • plus there’s also the aforementioned rivalry with Vincian.
    • either loves something or hates it and will make sure everybody knows which.
    • twink.
    • floric.
    • their artfight page.
    • their toyhouse page.
  • a black cat with closed eyes, smiling at the viewer. hey is wearing a purple pirate hat with a skull. background: asexual flag.
  • a fat black cat smiling at a light blue cat. captain ace is wearing heir purple pirate skull hat. vincent, the light blue cat, is made of triangular and diamond shapes while captain ace is made of rounder shapes. vincent is wearing a skull earing and a blue bandana.
  • captain ace stands tall above heir crew with heir arms folded, bellowing, "I run a tight ship around here!" the skull on heir pirate hat has x eyes. Rick Floric, a cat with heterochromatc eyes, eyebrows, and ears; says "You wouldn't know anything about that, would you, Vincian?" Vincent Vincian replies, blushing and with folded ears, "Shut up, Floric!!!" The rest of the crew is laughing and snickering.
  • a cat with folded ears and a bandana over his eyes. the flag i use in this image isn't an actual achillean flag. i made it because i had a hard time getting the carnation to look good when i threw it into the image. achilleans are welcome to use it though!
  • a white cat with folded ears wearing a bandana over his eyes, grinning. sitting atop a larger, cloudy-textured cat making heart eyes at him.
  • an excited cat, a cat with her tongue sticking out, a cat with a halo, and a cat making heart eyes in front of a lavenian flag.
  • ro-ro and van blossom riding the high seas. ro-ro is afraid while van blossom's raising her arms up high excitedly. captioned "come and ride this H2O-llercoaster with me" from Boys in the Ocean: Todrick Hall.
  • Ro-Ro: a green cat with light green ears and an eyepatch, smiling confidently at the viewer, as if he's ready to be challenged. a pirate ship wheel in aromantic pride colors is in the lower left corner of the image.
  • a cat with long ears in three expressions. top left corner is on fire, with a censor bar over their mouth. bottom right corner is alert and suspicious. center has flattened ears and an unimpressed expression, side-eying something off-screen.
  • rick and vincent glaring at each other, with a glowing thunderbolt in the middle.
  • crew group shot! from left to right. Ian is smol and smirking, Van Blossom is starry-eyed, wide-smiling, and standing tall above the crew. Captain Ace is winking and smiling with hearts in the skull on heir hat. Rick is glaring at Vincent. Vincent has his eyes closed, as if scoffing. Finally, Ro-Ro is looking at Vincent and Rick with his tongue out.

“HFE, thank you for creating and sharing so much art and writing for free. How can we help turn your passion and skills into a full-time gig?”

I’m glad you asked!

If you can give me a one-time tip, head over to ko-fi. I’ve also got emotes and icons you can buy.

If you can commit to a monthly tip, you can set that up via twitch or patreon. Twitch also lets you set up alternate payment schedules: every three months and every six months. Ko-fi lets you set up monthly payments now, too!

You can also buy some characters and critters I’ve designed on toyhouse.

And if you have no money to spare (understandable), one way you can help me out is by commenting and using as many share buttons as possible. Commenting gives me feedback on what works y’all are passionate about. Sharing helps expose my works to new people. The bigger my audience grows, the more audience members with money will encounter my works.

Thank you for taking time to read this. I hope you enjoy what you’ve found here.


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