Sparking Attention

Want a game you can theoretically play in the Halls of Mandos: a place where you have no possessions at all? All you need is your soul, your stories, and names with meaning. It takes these bitches a billion years to decide to send anybody back to Middle-Earth, never mind the ones they decide, “No! You’re staying in there!” You need something to do in there, and I need money. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it allows people to actually pursue their passions, such as writing silly essays about Lord of the Rings, Pokémon, and other nerdy things.

Then head on over to Patreon! $5 to unlock this game. For the rest of you, beyond this point lies a discussion of death. And just to review, Námo / Mandos is the guy in charge of Ardan / Middle-Earth hell: The Halls of Mandos.

Maybe Námo likes his garbage Elves. Not just anybody gets to create a people in Middle-Earth. Perhaps he secretly revels whenever he gets to keep a person.

“Yes! I get to make like Mahal’s folk and be greedy and stubborn too! There are many garbage Elves like them, but these ones are mine! Mwahahaha!”

And maybe he’s horrified when someone decides to remain there. Not because that’s where they want to stay, but because they’re terrified to leave. To be reembodied or not is ultimately their choice, not their gods’.

There’s a whole world out there, go play outside! You’ll be just fine! You know who amongst your Friends is responsible enough to be here. Absolutely none of them, because they’ve got someone who can be responsible for them: you.

What happens after death is ultimately uncertain. That is the blessing of humanity. Just because a question has no clear answer doesn’t mean you should go with the clear answer! Some shepherds intentionally lead their sheep astray. All anyone in the Halls of Mandos has to do is look over their shoulder and they know, “Yep! Our gods are real! Yet some of us disobey them anyway!”

Are you acting on Estel (Sindarin: faith without evidence) or Amdir (Sindarin: faith with evidence)?

However, your perspective on life is merely your own, as flawed and imperfect as it is. Just because you don’t experience certain types of evils doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

There’s more to the world than meets the eye.

When doubt’s in your mind, give your heart a try,

Let up a little on the wonder why,

And give your heart a try!

Give Your Heart a Try, lyrics by Jules Bass and Maury Laws.

Worship whatever god(s) you like, but just remember, there’s more than just you living in this world, and more gods to pick from than yours.

“HFE, thank you for creating and sharing so much art and writing for free. How can we help turn your passion and skills into a full-time gig?”

I’m glad you asked!

If you can give me a one-time tip, head over to ko-fi. I’ve also got emotes and icons you can buy.

If you can commit to a monthly tip, you can set that up via twitch or patreon. Twitch also lets you set up alternate payment schedules: every three months and every six months. Ko-fi lets you set up monthly payments now, too!

You can also buy some characters and critters I’ve designed on toyhouse.

And if you have no money to spare (understandable), one way you can help me out is by commenting and using as many share buttons as possible. Commenting gives me feedback on what works y’all are passionate about. Sharing helps expose my works to new people. The bigger my audience grows, the more audience members with money will encounter my works.

Thank you for taking time to read this. I hope you enjoy what you’ve found here.


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